How to Disappear & Fake Your Death

CHAPTER TWENTY – How to Disappear From Big Brother

For you fraudsters who want to cash in on an insurance policy remember there must be an exchange for the check. All insurance companies want a death certificate and it is seriously difficult to get a death certificate without a cold rotting body.

Before you run into the ocean or leave your car on a bridge with a suicide note scribbled in dirt. It is imperative you properly plan and properly evaluate your act of fraud. The execution of the act must be flawless but the “explanation” of why no body exists must be Columbo Proof.

What is Columbo Proof? It is your crime being perfect, airtight and super solid. It is avoiding the words “One more thing…” rolling from the mouth of a detective.

Pseudocide Red Flags

A pseudocide red flag can be a supposed death that happens in a body of water. If you plan to fake your death by water, do not be a dumb-ass and do it in a lake. 

Foreign Deaths 

For a while, foreign deaths were popular in the pseudocide world. However, it is one thing to fake your death and get a death certificate from France, Germany or Ireland. It is another thing to get a death certificate in Haiti, Belize, Panama or Columbia.  If a death certificate is obtained from a third world nation, it will not be an easy ride. I would say most insurance companies if not all will investigate the death out of the claim if in a third world nation or step above.

Third Word Deaths Are Always Suspicious

The one who fakes their death is a lonesome soul going up against an investigating machine and the deep pockets of an insurance company. When the beneficiary files the insurance claim be aware there is a department of investigators, a budget and access to the best investigative sources available. After you kicked the can in Columbia, there is one goal for the investigator, prove or disprove if you are ten toes up. It is a duel of deception!

This is a gamble for you because you do not know if you if are going up against LT. Columbo or Deputy Barney Fife. Most Insurance Investigators are good at their jobs and some can be quite tenacious. If you have a red flag claim by water or on foreign soil, the odds of winning are stacked against you.

Changing Policy

If you made a change to your insurance policy by increasing the amount, you are an idiot.

Missing Person

A missing person claim to a death claim is extremely difficult to accomplish. A PI I know worked a case that involved a French college student who went missing. The story goes that the Pierre the student was found wandering the streets of Miami naked and yelling that people were out to kill him.

The police took Pierre to the nuthatch for a weekend visit where he was given meds and released a few days later. That night Pierre emailed his friends and family that he was in fear for his life. No one ever heard from Pierre again.

A few years later the family came to terms with the fact that Pierre was probably deceased. The family needed to settle his estate and property owned in Paris but they needed the state of Florida to issue a death certificate.

The family hired a private dick who ripped Pierre’s life apart. The PI was able to trace Pierre’s final steps to a small boat dock. A witness recalled that he was having a party on his boat that night and thought someone did in fact fall in the water. When the police investigated, they assumed it was a large bird grabbing fish. The witness disagreed. Ultimately, the PI investigating the case concluded that Pierre most likely took his life.

A hearing took place to determine if Pierre was deceased or not. The PI walked into court loaded for bear with hard information that pointed to Pierre’s suicide. Shockingly, the judge ruled against the family stating that there was not enough evidence to issue an order for a death certificate. Six months later, someone found Pierre’s body in a field.

What Do You Do?

Think about Pierre’s scenario. What if it is thirty days after you have faked your death and your spouse secretly contacts you letting you know the courts will not sign off on a death certificate. This means the insurance company will not hand over the big check. What do you do when your money and your spouse’s money begins to run out? I bet you never thought about this option. 

Unusual Calls

Phone calls made to countries you have not called in the past would be of interest to an insurance investigator. You might be wondering how the insurance company would locate. Simple, a skip tracer illegally obtains your phone records. Sure, it is illegal but who said anyone abides by the law. 

Service Websites

Service websites are sites such as home rentals, utilities, cable, chamber of commerce, banks and other such sites one would search while planning a move. Any of these types of websites showing up on your IP is a red flag. I mentioned in a previous chapter that these types of searches can be done for misinformation purposes to throw the predators off your trail but there should be no fake trail in pseudocide.

Books & Streaming

Do not buy books about travel or disappearing if you plan to fake your death. Do not stream videos about foreign cities or download audio to learn a new language.

Common sense dictates that if you plan to open a business you should educate yourself in that industry. What I do not understand is why criminals who commit crimes do not study the business of crime.

“Don’t Do the Crime if You Can’t Do the Time.” Baretta

I would venture to say that most criminals commit crimes for financial gain. If I were teaching a “how to” course on crime it would be Crime 101. I would assign homework and the first assignment would be to learn how to evaluate the true worth of a crime. There a scene in the movie Heat where Robert De Niro’s character is discussing a crime and he says something to the nature that the crime is worth a stretch. It is crazy thinking but some criminals do think this way.

Imagine a criminal who sticks up a liquor store and takes eight hundred bucks from the register. A week later, he is busted and eventually sentenced to five years in the big house. The day he walks to freedom and looks back on what he earned from the crime, it will be a whopping $3.07 per day. He could have gotten a job in McDonalds and made that eight hundred in three or four weeks. Instant gratification is never a wise in the world of crime.

Risk vs. Reward

I am sure the liquor store criminal never looked into the neighboring state to search the penalties of armed robbery there. Perhaps the neighboring state is far more lenient with drug users. I bet if the drugs were better in the neighboring state, no doubt the criminal would Grey Hound it over the state line.

I know this is somewhat absurd but it is risk verses reward. I read about one woman who faked her death because she did not want to go to court for a minor offense. She was immediately arrested and her actions compounded her problems. A situation where she would have received probation turned into an unwelcome vacation wearing unfashionable orange.

Why do criminals not watch crime TV? How many times have we seen the video of the heat grilling a suspect in the interrogation room and the criminal is trying to bullshit the detective? Think about it, if you are in that interrogation room there is a strong possibility that you just might be the one who committed the crime. When a cop tells you that you have the right to remain silent shut up and remain silent.

The First 48 is an excellent cop show that profiles real homicide cases. I would say that the majority of people arrested do NOT take heed of the Miranda Rights. The minute a law enforcement official identifies who they are, the only words one should speak after that is “I WANT A LAWYER.’ There are plenty of innocent people wearing orange and stripes.

No one ever wants to hear a Lt. Columbo say, “One more thing…”

Frank M. Ahearn
Author of: The Little Black Book Of Skip Tracing: Creating Pretext, Mastering Social Engineering And Finding Anyone Anywhere


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