How Not to Disappear – A Mastermind Criminal of Capitalism

CHAPTER TWENTY ONE – How to Disappear from Big Brother

Another mastermind criminal of capitalism is Fly Boy Marcus Schrenker. A common story read in the headlines of America, rich Wall Street type rips off investors. In 2009, the whip came down and BIG BROTHER came calling on Fly Boy.

In a pickup truck with a motor cycle in the back, he made his way to Alabama. In a rented storage facility Fly Boy stashed his motor cycle and his other disappear goods. Sounds like a Springsteen song.

The following day Fly Boy straps himself into the pilot’s seat of his plane and makes his way to the friendly skies. Above the state of Alabama fly Boy places a distress call stating, windows broke and blood everywhere. Plane switched to autopilot Fly Boy bails out and yells Geronimo! What a dumb ass bailing out of a plane that could have caused mass disaster below.


Here is a question about criminals like Fly Boy. Do they leave behind damage pay for the family? Fly Boy steals a boatload of dough and goes on the run. At any point, did he ever think about protecting his family from the looming hell that would ultimately arrive at the family doorstep?

If you are a criminal crafty enough to take a big slice of another person’s pie, at least put some crumbs away for your family.

Two Words – Offshore Bank –  Four Words – Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty

Fly Boy’s plane crashed a few miles from a residential community and when the police searched the plane, they found a campground directory. There were a few pages from Florida and Alabama ripped out. Duh, even Inspector Clouseau could deduce the crash as suspect.

Fly Boy hits the ground in Alabama and is now on the run. He finds a house nearby, knocks on the door and claims he was in a canoeing accident. The kind stranger drives him to the police station and the po-po drive Fly Boy to a local motel. If you search Fly Boy’s name for images you will see a photo of him checking into the motel.

Fly Boy goes through all the trouble of stashing his Go-On- The-Run-Items in a storage facility. He escapes in his plane, issues a distress call, switches the plane to autopilot and bails out of the plane. It is one crazy plan where he went to extreme lengths to execute. What sticks with me is this elaborate plane crash and he walks into a motel and allows himself to be captured on video. Only one word describes his actions STUPID! Did he not consider the fact that cameras will record his smug mug and this could prove he is not dead?

I suggest people who disappear under normal circumstance not use a disguise. If you faked your death in a plane crash, you will become national if not international news in a matter of time. This is when a disguise would be appropriate. The photo of Schrenker in the motel is like a deer in the headlights. You know that stupid stare. He had no wig, no mustache and no hat, no looking down at the floor, no hand covering his face, nothing to disguise his identity. Two words here, big dumb-ass!

This is my point about people who fake their death; they do not think long term. Fly Boy obviously never asked himself how he would make his way past social surveillance cameras. To boot he gets in a car with a cop. Can you imagine that night while the cop is home eating good southern fried chicken and watching the news. He sees Fly Boy’s face flash on the screen as the reporter reports of the fiery crash. The same goes for the people who drove him to the police station and the motel desk clerk. Less than twelve hours after he fakes his death a minimum of three people have seen him alive. Only one word describes his actions STUPID!

If I was going to fake my death I would travel my route as covertly as possible and create an A to Z list of all potential cameras on my route. This would assist with identifying dangerous locations in my exit. How you get away from the scene of your demise is something that should be planned, you just don’t wing it. There is more to faking your death then faking your death.

By Fly Boy, driving up to a storage facility in Alabama close to the day of his disappearance was a huge blunder. This action alone could have taken him out the game. He left behind many digital trails. The pickup truck could have GPS. Did he go through any tolls? Stop for gas or food, use a credit card or cash What about his cell phone, did he receive or place any calls? If so easily tracked.

The day after Fly Boy lands he checks out of the motel, retrieves his motorcycle and is now Mr. Easy Rider. He makes haste to the KOA Campground in Quincy, Florida. He pays one night to camp in a tent while he enjoys a six-pack of beer. Here is the big mystery, why did he go to a campground and not head down Mexico way. The next day Mr. Easy Rider did not check out of the campground on time.

The owners of the campground went to check on Fly Boy and noticed red stains on the tent they assumed it was blood. Also, the local police contacted the campground asking if anything unusual or out of the ordinary were happenings. It was not long until Marcus Schrenker was looking down the wrong end of a gun barrel.

Fly Boy should have just left town and not have created an elaborate death plan that ultimately failed. The man who stole a bunch of loot and devised a crazy flying exit plan meets his fall in the Redneck Riviera. Sometimes karma and justice has a warped sense of humor.

Frank M. Ahearn
Author of: The Little Black Book Of Skip Tracing: Creating Pretext, Mastering Social Engineering And Finding Anyone Anywhere


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