How to Disappear – Virtual Entity

CHAPTER EIGHTEEN – How to Disappear from Big Brother

As a Virtual Entity I attempt to create a Go Bag in most foreign cities I visit. For me freedom is always the focus and the endgame. To disappear you need two items, financial instruments and travel documents.

You may not have the opportunity to travel but that should not stop you from attempting to acquire your disappear instruments online. Instruments being prepaid debit cards, prepaid money cards, foreign currency, transfer accounts like and online merchant accounts that accept credit cards.

In the past, the most difficult part of setting up virtual tools in a foreign country was the language barrier. This is not really an issue anymore since the creation of online translation tools but let us not place too much stock in their clarity. I suggest utilizing a third party assistant for translation.

Although, the best asset in any foreign city is a local realtor, they know all. What I do is search online for an apartment or house for sale. I do not search for a ten million dollar penthouse but something in the one or two hundred thousand range. I contact a local realtor and explain I will be visiting the city and I am interested in viewing an apartment.

You do not pick the ten million dollar apartment because this will make you a big fish to the realtor. The realtor will want to know all about you and will search you online. With this said you create a cover story before contacting the realtor.

Prior to heading to a foreign city, I create my fake online identity that I travel under and use for communication purposes. The identities I build are all self-employed.

Never, ever, never, ever, ever build a website and profile yourself as a licensed individual like a lawyer, doctor, accountant or other type of licensed individual. This is illegal.

Having a cover website will satisfy the curiosity of the realtor. Remember to do this work use your Third Party Assistant or from a computer where your identity cannot be connected with. After you make a connection with a realtor, you will hit them up for a variety of information.

My first question to the realtor is if there are local message boards like Craigslist or Back Page where I can place an advertisement for an assistant for hire. Most realtors provide me with websites where I can place the ad and they usually refer someone for the position. I thank them for the help but I avoid using their referral. I prefer to keep all contacts separate.

I review the message boards the realtor provided. If the boards are not in English, I put them through a translator and slowly make my way around. If the language barrier is too difficult, I use my Third Party Assistant to create the ad for me. 

Businessperson searching for an assistant for one or two days must be bilingual and have a good knowledge of the city.

The majority of people who contact me are college students. I explain that I am setting up a business and I need them to assist me as a guide and interpreter. Having a motivated college student never fails. Make sure they know the different neighborhoods and the public transportation.

The reason I suggest hiring an assistant is to get to know the city. Sometimes being in new places it can be difficult figuring how the city operates. When I arrive, I have my local assistant take me through the city and teach me how to use the bus, trains and other important information I should to know.

You never know you could be in your new city three weeks and find yourself discovered. Having full knowledge of the city can aid in a quick escape.

Mail Drop

I open a mail drop and pay one year in advance. With the mail drop, you do not want to have a P.O. Box drop you want an address drop like 123 Main Street Suite 815. In one instance, I was unable to open a mail drop and my college assistant allowed me to use his home address until I was able to locate a suitable mail facility.

Prepaid Cell Phones

Every country I land in I buy several prepaid cell phones from multiple carriers and I top up the time. Just a note some countries have cracked down on pay as you go phones and you now need to provide ID to obtain a cell phone. This should not be a problem since you will NOT go into the store and purchase the cell phone. Remember, the identification and cameras in the store create the digital footprint. Find a soul in need of a few euros or have your assistant make the purchase.

To keep track of my cell phones I write the country name and cell number on masking tape and place on back of phone. Then I tape over with clear tape so the ink does not run. If you have, numerous cell phones consider shipping the phones so you are not going through checkpoints with twenty cell phones. You may be wondering why carry the phones when you can carry only the SIMS. Carrying twenty SIM cards could prompt a red flag too. Another option is to leave the prepaid cellphone in your mail drop.

Bank Accounts

When in a new country hit the streets and find a bank that will open a checking or savings account for you. Search online or call the bank ahead to find what documents you will need. Also, find out which branch has a person who speaks your language.

The trick is before you go on your bank account opening journey; locate an apartment for sale in the city. Again, do not print out a ten million dollar apartment but something in the one or two hundred thousand range that will not draw too much interest.

After you have located a branch that has a rep who can speak your language, have the real estate information printed out and available for their eyes.

Mention to the banker that you are renting an apartment locally but plan to buy an apartment. Show them the listing, photos and all. Explain the reason for visiting the bank is you need to know if they provide homeowners insurance. Do confirm there is such thing as homeowners insurance in the country.

Nine times, out of ten, the bank rep will change the direction of the conversation and ask where you will be banking. Explain you have yet to figure that out. They will suggest you use their bank and they will become extremely helpful with the account opening process. The real-estate listing motivates the banker and sometimes they will bend on the paperwork like proof of residence.

Another tactic is to find a bank that has foreclosures for sale on their website. Begin a relationship with someone in the foreclosure department. Make sure the conversation moves in the direction that you will be paying with cash. This tends to motivate people and they will suggest opening an account at their bank.

The downside to foreign banking is many banks do not mail account debit cards. They want you to pick it up at the branch. In addition, some banks use Electron Cards that have no three-digit security code on back of the card. This means you cannot use the card for online purchases because 99% of website payment systems require the three-digit code. You can only use an Electron Card in person. I have an Electron Card from one of my banks and it can be seriously inconvenient!

Also, check the fees for withdrawing at an ATM in foreign countries. I made the huge mistake of using a debit card and not reading about the fees in advance. I used the card four times in a week and it was thirty euros per withdrawal. Ouch!

When you open a bank account in a foreign land, make sure your funds are avaiable 24/7 via your ATM card. One bank account I had only allowed debits on the card up until ten pm their time.

I have also come across banks that only allow wire transfers during work hour as well as limits up to 600.00 per transfer. With such limits, you will spend a fortune transferring your funds. I speak from experience.

When you open a bank account, it is wise to have an account in your home currency and the currency of the country. Before you open your account, inquire about wiring funds out of the country. There could be currency restrictions. For example, if you have a foreign bank account in your home currency and want to wire transfer your home currency funds to your home country there could be a glitch. Some countries only allow outgoing wire transfers in their local currency. This could cost you a lot of money in currency exchange. Read the small print!


When I travel to a country that offers PayPal, I always open an account. I also try to get a local prepaid debit card to connect to the PayPal if possible. Note you do not need to be in the actual country to open a PayPal account for that country.

For the PayPal account, you will need an address. I do what I can to open a mail drop on the spot. If you are unable to open a mail drop, use a hotel address until you can secure a mail drop.

One of the reasons I have PayPal accounts in different countries is so I can use the Buy Now buttons on my website. This allows me to accept credit cards payments in various currencies parked in different countries. I look at the various PayPal accounts as a multiple currency savings accounts. Some days I accept Dollars, some days Euros, Swiss Francs, etc. One of the downsides to foreign PayPal accounts is PayPal does not offer their own debit card connected to the account. I have been able to link a prepaid debit card from country A to country B.

Frank M. Ahearn
Author of: The Little Black Book Of Skip Tracing: Creating Pretext, Mastering Social Engineering And Finding Anyone Anywhere















I find deception to be an amazing tool when utilized for the right reasons. I know it sounds odd. Most people would assume that deception is typically a negative act with dark intentions. When clients contact me they all have the same question, how can they delete the negative or untrue online information making their life miserable? They cannot!

Most people who contact me do not fully accept that the hands of others control their online information. This means deleting information can be near impossible and the only real strategy is deception.

How to Disappear – Freedom

Chapter Seventeen: How to Disappear from Big Brother

I am always asked why people want to disappear and I explain that it usually comes down to violence or money. The money people want a better life and so do the danger people. When you break that down it is all about freedom. It could be freedom from an abusive relationship, a way of life, the law, intrusive government, the daily grind or even mediocrity. Again, it is all about freedom.

Seeking freedom through disappearing can be tricky. Sometime those who want to disappear feel compelled to use methods that can compromise their freedom. Freedom is never a simple act of A to B. There are tools and rules you must follow.

While you are devising your exit plan, continuously ask yourself if the road you are creating will lead to freedom because freedom should always be in the scope.

I believe it important to itemize your disappear plan into several different list. Creating a list can be of service while searching and reviewing your exit plan.

An individual I consulted with planned on disappearing to South America where he was interested purchasing beachfront property. The property was nice and affordable. He did his homework, searched and confirmed that electricity and water was available to the property lot. He forgot to search for internet services and eventually discovered there was none.

Another client I consulted with needed to disappear because of a violent ex-spouse. As we were planning the process, the client never mentioned that she had a rare disease required rare medicine.

When I researched the medicine, I discovered that it was not a commonly prescribed drug. When I contacted several pharmacies in her soon to be new land, I learned that none of them carried the needed medicine. We had to figure out how she was going to order her medicine without leaving a trace, via the purchases. A necessity such as medicine could be a major disappearing obstacle.

What Are Your Obstacles?

I am not going to fill the pages with a long list of questions or suggestions of what you should put down on your list. Take some time and search relocation sites and you will find list after list after list of helpful ideas. 

The Big Good Bye

Last Will & Testament certainly a sad piece of business. However, one must consider what happens if they kick the bucket. If you have three hundred grand in a bank account and a beautiful house on the beach. Who gets the assets when you are ten toes up?

If your attitude is, you do not care because you hate everyone you are leaving in your wake. I say do bit of good and leave it all to me and if that does not work for you give it to a charity. You may need to draw up a new Will in your new land but be cautious and investigate if Wills are public record.

I have consulted with individuals who have come into stacks of money and these lucky souls will never have a financial woe again.

I have also spoken with others who have what they believe to be a huge amount of money and they believe they will never have a financial woe again. Truth is one of them will definitely run out of money and if they do not have a backup plan, they will end up on the streets or back where they came from just like our friend in Africa.

I am against burning bridges no one ever knows what waits around the tricky and sometime evil corner of life. It may not be that predator but a natural disaster or a sickness giving you three months to live. What happens then? Can you return home? Will your family and friends take you into their home after you burned them?

FREEDOM: The dictionary defines freedom as, a state in which somebody is able to act and live as he or she chooses, without being subject to any undue restraints or restriction. Sounds real good. Freedom is also one of those words that can hold many definitions. There is conceptual freedom, which is an ideology one believes, and then there is physical freedom where and how.

What is your freedom?

As I have explained, my objective is to keep the concept of obtaining freedom as the focus. Last year I had a conversation with Mr. Goodbye who wanted to disappear. He and his wife were in the middle of a divorce and he did not want to give her a dime. He did not hide the fact that he truly hated her. I try to avoid these types of clients since I am in need of positive karma.

I tried to persuade Mr. Goodbye not to go the route of burning his wife and take care of business properly. He soon revealed that he was closing a business deal that would put a million green ones in his pockets.  His plan was to pull a Jack Kerouac, put it all in a backpack and go on the road but in South America, somewhat crazy in my opinion.

Mr. Goodbye was cryptic in conversation and something did not sit right. He had the means to give his wife her piece of the pie and walk away clean. I decided to do some snooping and I discovered that Mr. Goodbye owned four rug rats. I have done some things in life but never burned a bunch of little kids.

There was no way I was going to do business with Mr. Goodbye, just not my flavor of tea. I tried to talk some sense into him and show him that his plan was a long term lose plan. His passport would expire in four years and by the time he needed to renew it; there would be a warrant for his arrest for nonsupport.

What is the point of seeking freedom if the road you take creates further legal problems, which can take your freedom away?

I reached my tipping point and explained to Mr. Goodbye that we were not going to do business together. A few day afterwards, I receive a consultation request from him again. He had one question, how could he could smuggle one million dollars out of his country. I hung up on him.


Sell House – Sell Car – Pay off Bills – Cancel Credit Cards – Cancel Home Services – Cable – Electric

In the past, I suggested deviating all identifiers on all accounts. For example, I suggested changing Frank M. Ahearn to Frank G. Ahearn and eventually change Frank to Hank. If your date of birth is June 14 1960, I suggested deviating it to July 16, 1961. This type of strategy makes sense when being pursued by a predator or angry ex-husband but not by BIG BROTHER.

With all the eyes in the sky and creepy hands grabbing data BIG BROTHER already has your information and can easily recognize the lies. Instead of creating disinformation on your various accounts, I suggest you pay them off and go the way of the ghost.

The Freedom List

Money – Ability to Earn – Opportunity – Mobility – Passport – Dual Citizenship – Where Will You Go –

The Block List

Lack of Money – No Earning Potential – Medical Issues – Legal Issues –Marriage

 The Needs List

Personal – Passport/up-to-date – Banking Tools – Money – Cash – Credit – Medical – Files – Medicine – Contact List – Family – Friends – Business – Electronics – Computer – Phones – Business – Website – Merchant Services – Banks – Business Contact – Assets – Communications

What If List

Imagine it is 1995 and you have disappeared to Monserrat. You purchased a home and set up a small roadside business. A month later the volcano erupts and destroys more than half of the island including your home and business. What will you do?

Be aware earthquakes, floods, tornados, wildfires, hurricanes and political overthrows all are realities and possibilities. These misfortunes happen to ordinary people who have ordinary lives. They can even happen to the disappeared.

Research and evaluate the safety and security of your new patch of land. Never shrug off the potential of catastrophic events and never assume it will not happen to you.

The Disaster List

The Disaster List should include a backup plan. What happens if the predator locates you, what happens if a natural disaster occurs, what happens if you go bankrupt, what happens if the government falls, what happens if you lose it all?

To a certain degree, disappearing to a new land is no different from relocating to a new job. However, the difference is if you relocate for a new job and all plummets, you have family and friends in the wings to assist. Being disappeared you may not have that safety net and this is why you must create your own safety net.

Outside Go Bag

Even when life is fine, it would be wise to have an outside Go Bag stashed. This Go Bag should be located outside the country where you reside. Look at this bag as a lifeline.

Financial Tools 

Access is key to being a successfully disappeared person and becoming complacent can compromise all. Never put all of your eggs into one Go Bag.  If you reside in Country A put some of your money away in Country B.

Think Rainy Day! Think What If!

Frank M. Ahearn
Author of: The Little Black Book Of Skip Tracing: Creating Pretext, Mastering Social Engineering And Finding Anyone Anywhere

How to Disappear – New Identity

CHAPTER SIXTEEN – How to Disappear from Big Brother

There are three ways to obtain an identity (besides the one you are born with, of course). You can buy one, steal one or create one. What many people do not seem to realize, is that obtaining a fake identity in one of these ways is like searching for Bigfoot.

We have all heard the stories about the big hairy beast known as Big Foot, but we do not know anyone who has actually seen him. Imagine hanging out with your friends and the topic of Bigfoot comes up. One friend tells you he knows a guy who knows a guy, who can get you to see Bigfoot.

This intrigues you, so you arrange a meeting with this supposed Bigfoot connection. I know this sounds somewhat crazy but it is no different from meeting a potential connection to obtain a new identity.

Next thing you know, you are sitting in a bar in the middle of nowhere disguised with a fake mustache and glasses waiting for Mr. Bigfoot connection. Then it happens, Vinnie Boombotz arrives and dazzles you with stories about sightings of Bigfoot in Canada, Bigfoot in Ukraine, Bigfoot in Staten Island and in Sussex, New Jersey. Next Vinnie pulls out a few fuzzy photos– the blur looks like Bigfoot. The problem is you cannot tell if the photo is photo-shopped or real. Then Vinnie promises you he can get you to Bigfoot—it is just a question of the fee.

This, my friends, this is the moment of truth which will determine whether you’ve reached the age of reason or are simply still a dumb ass.

One of three things will happen:

  1. You get up and walk away.
  2. Vinnie rips you off.
  3. You are busted.

Perhaps you are thinking that there is a fourth possibility — namely, that the ID Vinnie is selling is, in fact, authentic. However, this fourth option does not exist because you have no way of verifying the credentials.

Could you determine the authenticity of Babe Ruth’s signature on a baseball just by looking at it? I would venture to say that 99.9% of us could not distinguish a real passport from an excellent fake. So, how do you plan to test the identity?

Types of Identity

New Identity 1: An identity created from scratch. This identity has a real birth certificate with a real social security number assigned to the identity. This type of identity one would get in the witness protection program. All I have to say about obtaining this type of identity is good luck.

Created Identity 2: This identity one creates from scratch, usually known as the Tombstone method. Which is walking in the graveyard, finding a child who died at a young age and obtaining their birth certificate. Very difficult to do these days but some still get away with it.

Fake Identity:  An identity made of all fake documents. These types of identities have bogus social security numbers and other unreal information assigned. They are good for subletting apartments and used for jobs off the book. This type of identity one would use for a quick flash.

Stolen Identity: An identity stolen from another. I find this to be the most dangerous of identities to use. There are so many questions that one needs to answer before using a stolen identity. If you are buying a stolen identity from Vinnie, you need to rely on him to tell you the truth about the identity.

1) Is it a real, fake, or a stolen identity?

2) Is the person still alive?

3) Is the person in prison?

4) Is the person wanted by law enforcement?

5) Does the person have any felony convictions?

6) Are there tax liens against the social security number?

7) Are others using the identity?

8)  Does the person owe back child support?

The questions could go on and I am sure Vinnie will be happy to answer all of them for you to put you at ease. Unfortunately, Vinnie is a criminal and not in the business of truth.

There are also a slew of books out there purporting to reveal “the secrets” to obtaining a new identity, but they are all crap. The authors who present these useless and dangerous strategies do not give a rat’s ass about what happens to you. They only care about the coins you add to their pockets.

Think about it– you can buy Brain Surgery for Dummies, but that does not mean you can crack open a skull with a Black & Decker and go to work.

For all you know, the author of the new identity book might actually be a pastry chef and a master of cannoli, with no real experience on the subject. Always consider the source. What I share is from years of experience in the trenches of– finding people, disappearing people and manipulating digital information.

The bottom line is that using an identity other than your own is a crime. If you plan to use a fake ID for financial reasons, you are becoming an identity thief. However, you already know this.

What you need to know is Big Foot does not exist. If you insist on taking, the Big Foot tour I would suggest going alone and hunting down the beast on your own. I know the million-dollar question is how.

Frank M. Ahearn
Author of: The Little Black Book Of Skip Tracing: Creating Pretext, Mastering Social Engineering And Finding Anyone Anywhere

How to Disappear – Pseudocide (Faking Your Death)

CHAPTER FIFTEEN – How to Disappear from Big Brother

Pseudocide, the stupid act of faking your death. If you are a white-collar criminal and fake your death, the long arm of the law will, catch you and you will be shipped you up the river.

I want you to repeat after me: “I will never fake my death.” If you are running from BIG BROTHER never, make the mistake and assume BIG BROTHER is stupid. The odds and experience are against you. Take the five, ten or fifty million you stole and simply disappear.

Most likely, you have never faked your death before and no doubt, the murder police who arrive to investigate the scene of your demise are not amateurs in the game of death.

Most people who have faked their death committed the stupid act by water. Some feigned drowning and some feigned shark attack. Either way faking a death by water is the most suspicious death of them all. Let me repeat, faking your death by water is the most suspicious death of them all. Compounding this with missing loot from your firm does not take rocket science to figure out what really took place.

The Un-Zen Master of Pseudocide!

Let me introduce to you the Un-Zen Master of pseudocide Samuel Israel III. In a desperate act to avoid prison, Sammy planned his demise on a bridge in upstate New York. On his car windshield, Sammy scribbled, “Suicide is Painless,” a TV show theme song.

Here is Sammy who figured out how to pocket millions of bucks and his great get-away was to write a note on a dirty windshield.  Let us be real — only a moron of the umpteenth degree would believe that BIG BROTHER would look at what Sammy scribbled on his car and say, “Let’s go home boys — Sammy leapt to his death.” Wrong!

Sammy and his associate snatched up around $300,000,000 and scribbling on his windshield was one of a few desperate exit plans.  I know I keep repeating this but I find it all so shocking. Three hundred big ones and the exit plan were to scribble in dirt. This crooked capitalist had no walk-away plan or go bag. Did he become so smug and complacent that he convinced himself no one would ever know about his deceit?

The problem with Sammy and the rest of the white-collar dumb asses who have committed or are planning to commit massive fraud are only half a criminal. What they do not teach you at Harvard is crime is a like a stock. You search out different stocks, you evaluate the stock, you buy the stock and you sell the stock for profit.  In the crime world, you search out the crime you want to commit, you evaluate the crime, you commit the crime and you disappear with the take.

It seems fundamental that when you commit a crime you should have an escape plan. Even the eighty-two IQ stick-up- kid knows to run after he robs a liquor store with cash is in hand.

If I stole three hundred million bad boys, I would stash a smack load of greenbacks in some shitty country and buy myself a diplomatic passport or citizenship at the very least.

If you have the balls to steal millions of bucks, have the balls to bribe a foreign government official for protection. A million bucks goes a long way in a third world country.

Sure, it is not Miami but it beats Leavenworth or La Santé. The bottom line is if you have the corrupt brains to create a massive Ponzi scheme, why not put the same effort into disappearing properly.

Sammy is a “Monday Morning Criminal” — his ship of thievery was Titanic-big, but it was only when his money-boat began to sink, that he scrambled and came up with a hair-brained scheme of escape. By then, all Sammy was doing was patching up a fast sinking ship.  Why patch up a sinking ship when you can afford to buy a big bad beautiful yacht and disappear.

When You Steal Think About Tomorrow!

Tomorrow comes quick and BIG BROTHER will come banging on your door while you are sitting in your ivory tower of thievery. Therefore, do not let the shinning of the gold blur the reality of your pending demise. Do not follow the footsteps of your predecessors and imagine that you have a shot in hell at successfully faking your death.

Faking Your Death is Stupid!

At the very least, open an offshore bank about! When you open an offshore bank account, do so in a country that is not on friendly terms with your own country. There is no guarantee that you will actually get to the money or successfully hide the money but a good try is always admirable.

Be Like a Pirate and Bury Treasure!

Even the pirates of the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries knew they had to stash the booty. Buy diamonds, rubies and emeralds and hide them in different parts of the world. Do NOT hide in a safety deposit box. Bury the treasure just like a pirate. Bury your treasure in different countries but do note when you are released you will be a felon. Some countries will not let you into their country so be aware of such issues. Therefore, do a little burying in your home country. Using a fake name buy a piece of land with cash, pay the property taxes for years in advance and bury some stones.

Go Alone!

The idea that you will be able to bring your mate along with you when you are on the run is unrealistic. It is quite possible your mate will drop a dime on you for a lighter sentence.

Going on the run with a mate reduces your success dramatically. Whitey Bulger was on the run for sixteen years, the feds put out a bunch of media about Whitey’s woman, and boom busted! However, Whitey was successful because he was an arch- criminal and had a few hundred grand cash on hand if he needed.

Leave Now!

Why do criminals who embezzle large amounts of money wait for the whip to come down? Where is the sense in that? The bang on the door is coming and you know it. It is better to leave then wait!

Be in the Wind!

When it is time to go just go and do not create an elaborate exit plan, simply slip into the night like the thief you are.

Frank M. Ahearn
Author of: The Little Black Book Of Skip Tracing: Creating Pretext, Mastering Social Engineering And Finding Anyone Anywhere

How to Disappear – Virtual Target

CHAPTER FOURTEEN  How to Disappear from Big Brother

An excellent way to keep a predator off your tail is to create Virtual Targets. These are fake locations that make it appear you are in a city or have recently traveled through a city. Virtual Targets will create confusion and make it costly for the predator to pursue.

With Lady KGB, it was a piece of cake creating virtual targets for the predator to follow. Her predators most likely assumed that she would lay low for a while and then resort to prostitution to maintain an income. I exploited this thought process and posted photos and contact information of Lady KGB offering her salacious services in various cities.

My concern with Lady KGB’s predator was their deep pockets. There was no doubt in my mind that the pimps had access to some kick ass techie. In the Frank M. Ahearn world of disappearing never go toe to toe with a geek, the geek will win every time. Take the battle to the bricks and mortar and utilize deception.

I knew that each posting the predator located of Lady KGB a techie would try to search the origins of the posting. It was extremely important that Lady KGB had no connection with any of the internet postings. I utilize a third party service located in Laos. This way all of the posting came from a city not connected with Lady KGB. The predator had to decide if the leads were worth following. Either way it was a fine act of deception.

When you lay trails for a predator or BIG BROTHER to follow it is vital you do not do not accidentally leave a real trace in the mix. If you are using photos, phone numbers or email addresses ask yourself if there are leads in the content.

If you are in a situation, where you can utilize online ads or postings to further your cause take precautions. The advertisement photo that you use, confirm it does not have any real background identifiers? Perhaps taken in front of an identifiable street sign or a license plate to a car you rented. Maybe there is a billboard advertisement for a supermarket chain like Carrefour’s in Paris, Andorra 2000 in Andorra or Key Foods in New York.

You will need to use two different phone numbers in your bogus ad. One number is for opening the account and the second number is to post in the ad itself. In addition, if you are using prepaid cell phone numbers it is important they be from different carriers and with different area and city codes. Most important, if you do use prepaid cell phone numbers they should be numbers purchased by a third party from different locations. Last but certainly not the least the cell numbers you use should not have any identifiable or traceable numbers to you or your location.

For situations like this, I would use one burner phone, which is a prepaid cell phone used only one time. Then toss out the SIM and the phone. Do not be cheap always dump the phone too.

If you dial a phone number from a SIM card with a 212 area code and a model 051 Cell Phone there will be a connection between the SIM card and the 051 phone. The phone is traceable so burn it!

You will need two different email addresses for the advertisement. One email address is to open the account and the other email address is for the advertisement. Never open the email account yourself, always use a third party. If possible, use two different third parties in different countries.

Do not get seduced by curiosity and wonder if anyone made contact with the email or cell phone. Remember, curiosity kills! When you are creating what it is you need to create always think of it as a mystery. Imagine there are clues in your piece of work. You must play detective and find those clues that could lead to your discovery.

Frank M. Ahearn

Author of: The Little Black Book Of Skip Tracing: Creating Pretext, Mastering Social Engineering And Finding Anyone Anywhere

How to Disappear – Traveling With Financial Instruments

CHAPTER THIRTEEN – How to Disappear from Big Brother

Lady KGB escaped from a prostitution ring while working in Europe. She came from poverty in her home country and had the opportunity to leave and relocate to for what she believed would lead to a better life. The deal was she would work and payoff the people who smuggled her out of her country. She knew that she would work as a dancer but it did not matter, as long as freedom would eventually come her way.

In time, Lady KGB became the “den mother” and handled a revolving group of girls who worked strip clubs and private parties. As time rolled on, Lady KGB began to inquire about her debt. Each time she addressed the issue and only empty promises came her way. Eventually she knew that freedom was not in her scope.

One afternoon a raid took place in a motel where a group of girls resided. One of the pimps gave Lady KGB a briefcase, sent her off to a different motel and instructed her to wait for him. Curiosity got the better of her and she broke open the briefcase. There were a dozen or so passports, including her own. In several envelopes, there were stacks of colorful Euros. She knew that this would be her only opportunity to get away and she took it. She left the rendezvous motel for another.

Lady KGB – Danger Issues – Get Rid Of Passports – Deal with Cash – Get Out Of Town

Lady KGB located my website and contacted me. Her email was half a page long and sounded desperate, crazy and paranoid all wrapped up on one. I rarely get on the phone with a potential client without them setting up a prepaid consultation. However, her desperation got the better of me.

Lady KGB had several issues she needed to address immediately. Such as getting out of the city, dumping the passports and dealing with the bag of cash. Each of these could jeopardize her freedom.

If her pimp caught her, it would be death. If law enforcement stopped her, the numerous passports and cash would be plenty to detain her.  There were four essential goals, pick up disappearing tools, convert cash, ditch passports and get out of town.

Lady KGB provided me with her hotel address and I searched locations where she could buy a few prepaid cell phones and prepaid debit cards. She hit the streets immediately. There was no time to cover her tracks properly and use a third party to purchase the phones. The threat was looming and escaping was most important.

Goals: Buy Disappearing Tools – Convert Cash to Instruments – Ditch Passports – Get Out of Town

While Lady KGB split from the hotel and went to buy her disappear tools, I was trying to figure out the best way to deal with the passports. Ideally, I would have preferred she drop the passports at the police station with a note of explanation. However, the surveillance cameras could capture her face. This would probably lead to an apprehension at the train station or airport.

I do not recommend disguises but in Lady KGB’s situation, I thought it would be best she utilized one. She picked up scissors, instant hair dye and a change of clothes. In a short period, she had a makeover and with a little luck, Lady KGB would go un-noticed.

I figured the safest place to drop the passports would be at a church. I located an open church and Lady KGB stuffed the passports in the donation box. When this was completed, she quickly made her way to the train station and purchased a ticket for the next train out of town. Lady KGB was now in the hunt and next I would turn her into a Virtual Entity.

When she safely made it to a new city, I had her check into a hotel with room service. This way she did not need to exit the room for food and would only hit the streets to obtain her needed disappear tools. This reduced her exposure.

I needed to figure out how Lady KGB would handle her suitcase full of euros. Traveling with a large amount of cash made her vulnerable to theft, loss and the law. Opening a bank account was not going to happen because she had no proof of address or other much needed identifiers. She also had no plans of staying in the country. To relieve Lady KGB of her cash problem I had her convert her cash into paper, plastic, metal and digital.


From Wiki – An international money order is very similar in many aspects to a regular money order except that it can be used to make payments abroad. With it, a buyer can easily pay a seller for goods or services if he or she resides in another country. International money orders are often issued by a buyer’s bank and bought in the currency that the seller accepts. International money orders are thought to be safer than sending currency through the post because there are various forms of identification required to cash an international money order, often including a signature and a form of photo identification.

Important: Before you purchase an international money order, it is imperative to address two vital questions.

First, will you be able to cash the international money order in your destination country?

Second, is the identification you possess sufficient to cash the money order in your destination country?

Assume you are in a hotel in Copenhagen and are disappearing to Warsaw. You visit Post Denmark and discover they do not sell international money orders, meaning the money orders they sell are not redeemable in Poland.

What you do next is locate a Polish bank that has a branch in Copenhagen and a branch in Warsaw. Before you visit the bank you need a mailing address in your disappear city, in this case Warsaw. I suggest using a large chain hotel as your address. Large hotels will accept packages for guest.

Once you find a Polish bank branch, speak with a manager and explain you are moving to Warsaw and will be working for a large chain hotel. Explain that your family gave you cash as a going away present and you do not want to carry the cash. Ask if the bank can provide a money order or bank check and if they are redeemable at their Warsaw branches. Again, confirm your proof of identity is sufficient to cash a money orders or bank check. I would avoid traveler’s checks.

The saying, a smile goes a long way is 100% true. When you are trying to obtain something from another person smile, be polite and ask about their day.  If you see, photos on their desk compliment them on their beautiful grandchildren. The goal is to have the person like you and to solve your problem.

Most bankers will suggest you open a bank account. However, the reality is if you will not have the proper documents, such as proof of address like utilities or phone bill. Nor will you have the relevant social identification number. If you can obtain a bank check or international money order, go for it!


The next step is to turn cash into plastic. You are going to hit the bricks to search convenience stores, cell phone stores and drug stores to purchase prepaid credit/debit cards. You want the type of prepaid/gift credit card you can top up immediately and walk out with a debit card loaded with funds.

When you purchase your prepaid debit cards next to it on the shelf should be top up cards that you purchase to add money. Most cards have a twenty-four hour spending limit. Some cards have monthly spending limit too. So be aware when choosing your card, you do not want to be caught short.

Also, buy multiple top up cards from different locations. As a backup take a photo of the debit cards and top up activation numbers in case you lose them.

Technology is changing and in some places top up cards are not necessary. Now you can bring the debit card to the register and top up directly at the register. The one concern about this is you could be carrying fifty debit cards, which could be lost, stolen or considered suspect.


Cash may be king but gold does not suck! Gold jewelry is no doubt a portable currency that can be bought and sold anywhere in the world. Hit up the local jewelry district and buy a few pieces of gold. I would suggest buying chains and bracelets since they can be worn and discretely hidden.  Do note you cannot pull a Mr. T and walk through customs with fifty chains around your neck.

Before you buy jewelry, do some quick homework about buying gold and do not be afraid to negotiate, negotiate and negotiate. Avoid buying anything with stones unless you know what you are doing.


Another way of getting money from Point A to Point B is to use a Western Union type of transfer service. Again, before you make a transaction confirm that you can collect the funds in your disappear destination and that your identification is sufficient enough for pick up. Do not wire an outrageous amount of money that will trigger a red flag. How much that is, I do not know do your homework.

Money Forward 

Another option is to open several secure mail drops online. I use the word secure because in this case you should search for a chain store mail drop, not Freaky Frank’s Mail Service. The mail drop has to be reputable because you are going to trust them with your money.

Using the money forward route is risky but sometimes there are no other options. When you open your mail drop, open for one year and pay a few hundred dollars on the account to have “international” express forwarding service.

After your mail drops are set up, buy birthday cards and enclose cash, money orders or prepaid debit cards. Write a nice note to yourself wishing you a happy birthday. Do not ship large amounts of cash it could be stolen.  You could express the envelopes or put your return address from another mail drop you own.

When you need the money from your mail drops, you check into a large chain hotel. You contact the mail drops and have them express your package to the hotel. The front desk will send up to your room when received.

Be discreet and only receive three or four per shipments per hotel and maybe a day or two apart. Getting fifteen international packages in one day to a hotel could appear suspicious.


A common money-laundering scheme is to utilize art. What one does is buy a piece of art for 100k, remove it from the frame, roll it up and place it in a poster tube. Then hop on a plane, land in a new country and do not disclose the value of the painting. Then you sell the painting for the best possible price and now you have X amount of undeclared money in a new country. However, the art route is a burned bridge; law enforcement has become hip to this method.

Lady KGB

Lady KGB was able to secure her funds a few different ways and then she left the city for her new disappear destination. This was not the end of Lady KGB’s work because she was going to be in the hunt and it was important to keep those bad boys she burned busy searching elsewhere. What I did next was create target locations where the predators would search.

Target Locations

A target location gives the impression that you are living in a specific city or recently departed from a city. A constant you will read in this book is about creating false leads. If you do not create false leads, the hunter will most likely discover the correct leads, if that happens adios muchacho.

The person or agency hunting you down will use your phone records, airlines, credit card records, bank records, internet search records and even the records of family, friends and employer. What this means is the hunter has an arsenal of information that could lead to your hiding place. You have only the tool of deception so use wisely.

In the past, I did many favors for law enforcement. It was common for an agency to reach out to a private investigator I knew and ask for information in order to bypass the subpoena process. If we learned anything from Edward Snowden it should be that, no information is safe.

A Bypass the Subpoena Story

One Friday afternoon I get a call from a PI who has a phone number he needs identified for the State Police. The heat busted some dude with a bag full of blow and not wanting to take the pinch the busted dude talks. He was willing to take the police to the house where he scored the drugs but the problem being he does not remember the address since a running partner drove him. However, he does have a phone number for the drug location.

The PI provided me with the phone number and I pretexted the local phone company as repair. Easy as pie but do not try this at home it is seriously illegal! I obtained the subscriber name on the account and the physical location of the drug house.

I gave the information to my client and he forwarded the information to police. The police ask the busted dealer if they drive him around the area could he identify the drug house. The dealer tells them he could and so they cruise the hood. The cops circle a few block and narrow down to the address I provided and eventually they drive down the correct street. The dealer points out the home of where he purchased the drugs. Later that afternoon more drug dealers are in shackles. The subpoena process bypassed. The lesson of this story is not everyone plays by the rules.

Frank M. Ahearn
Author of: The Little Black Book Of Skip Tracing: Creating Pretext, Mastering Social Engineering And Finding Anyone Anywhere

How to Disappear – What is Your Story?

CHAPTER TWELVE – How to Disappear from Big Brother

When you are living in your new patch of land and you meet the butcher, the baker and the vodka and orange juice maker you need to have a story to tell. It is natural for the people you meet daily to have a curiosity about you. You cannot tell them you are a victim of a stalker in hiding, running from the mob or disappearing from BIG BROTHER. Revealing the truth is nothing but dangerous.

When In Doubt Lie!

This chapter brings me to the story of Elvis Parsley who was a realtor by day and an Elvis freak by night. Elvis went looking for love and found his very own Pricilla on an online love site. The long distance love moved quickly and Pricilla shacked up with Elvis forty-five days later.

Not long into the cohabitation Elvis realized he had a lunatic on his hands and requested she go back to where she came from. Pricilla was having none of that. Elvis needed the help of the long arm the law to evict her from his home.

Forcibly removed from the home Priscilla had no intentions on leaving town. She immediately morphed from a graceful beauty to a wildebeest’s void of a soul. Priscilla took up residence in a motel, at the end of the road. She turned Elvis’s world upside down, wrecked his business and destroyed his nightlife as Elvis the karaoke master.

Elvis reached the point where he knew he was fighting a losing battle and needed some peace of mind. He figured getting out of dodge was his only hope.

When I met Elvis, my primary concern was his Elvis persona. He spent much of his time doing karaoke, trading memorabilia online and visiting conventions. That world needed to end but he resisted.

The unfortunate reality of disappearing is you need to leave the people and things you love in the dust. If you do not leave, habits and hobbies behind you, you will be located because of them. Everything behind you is a potential rat.

Elvis decided not to use my service and ultimately disappeared on his own. He dropped the Elvis act but kept the nickname. Not long into his disappearance a local reporter wrote about a charity event and the locals who supported the cause. The reporter mentioned Elvis in the article but instead of Elvis Parsley, it identified him as Elvis Jones, Jones being his real last name. It did not take Priscilla the crazed stalker long to arrive at his door. I guess Elvis may have left the building but Priscilla followed.

Be aware of your environment and assess all aspects of your situation. Who and what can be a threat to your freedom. Elvis should have never let his photo and name become part of a news article. He could have made up an excuse that he had a phobia of getting his picture taken. Then walk to the other side of the room. As crazy, as it sounds’ claiming a phobia is better than doing nothing at all. Always have a story or excuse in your hip pocket.

A backstory is a simple mis-identification tool a disappeared person creates to avoid the truth. When you meet new people, the curiosity comes alive and they want to know information about you. Where are you from, what you do for a living, married, divorced, rich, poor and so forth? This is the foundation of building relationships. If you want to survive in your new world and create some sort of life, you need a story to tell. Being the strange loner in town or the oddball neighbor only creates curiosity.

How to Lie With a Lie in Your Hip Pocket!

Now comes the story of a Darla who had some local fame in her hometown. Darla fell in with the wrong crowd and landed on the outs with her mental case boyfriend. Darla knew it was time to get out of town before she met with an unfortunate ending.

The issue with Darla was she happened to be popular on the music scene and so she needed to avoid that life. She also sported a retro Joan Jett look, which she did not feel comfortable changing. Keeping the Joan Jett style and moving to a small town in Iowa was unrealistic. She would have stuck out like black on white rice and become the curiosity of the neighborhood.

I had to address the issue of her minor claim to fame. The concern being, what if someone recognized her and approached her. A situation like this could become problematic. Imagine someone posting on Facebook that the Joan Jett look-a-like singer was in the Des Moines mall buying or selling lipstick.

After changing her style a bit we discussed the recognition issue. I felt it was best not to deny that she was Darla who sang on the stage but to switch up the conversation immediately. Instead she would claim that she was her own doppelganger and admit she knows who Darla is and it is freaky they look so much alike. It is risky but I believe that sometimes it is better to engage then deny and walk away. The hope is that it defuses the curiosity.

I had Darla use a different first name and profession in her new life. If a person from her new world asked what she did for a living, she explained that she is a style consultant and works with Eastern European musicians. I built a detailed website with a reasonable amount of social media to make the information appear real. Darla carried business cards with contact and website information.

Darla picked a stylist background and Eastern Europe geography because she toured there for a few months and felt comfortable chatting about that world. If someone in her new world looked Darla/Tina up online, they would find the website I created about Darla and her business. This helped to satisfy the curiosity in her new circle.

When creating a lie it is best to do so with points of reference. If you are telling a lie about Belize, at least watch a movie or read a book about the country.

Study your backstory! You will look like a super dumb ass and a liar if you do not know what you are discussing. The best lies derive from threads of truth.

In the fine art of pretext (lying), I utilize point of reference lying. I grab from various truths in my life and capitalize on the information I know. When pretexting on the phone I would talk about places I have been to read about or seen on TV. I would talk about the beach or how beautiful Cuba is and the amazing sunsets there. I have never been to Cuba but I have been to the beach and watched the sun go down.

When in Doubt Be Cool, Be Zen and Lie!

If a mall meeting happens, there could be a breach in your disappearance. The person you met could have twitted about you, which could be an issue. With some luck, they do not but you need to find out. Most important in your information recon is you never, ever, never, ever, ever, never, search your name online, never!

Searching your name online could walk you into a trap. In an upcoming chapter, I will tell you about someone who faked his death, searched his name online and walked into a trap.

If you happened to fake your death, remember do not create digital footprints and connect yourself to the search. You have someone else do the search. Take a long bus ride, and contact your third party source and email them instructions that for the next thirty days they are to search your name every day. Avoid telling your third party you are the subject of the search. Always keep your distance.

Each day your third party assistant will search the net for the information you requested. If they get a hit, instruct the assistant to copy and paste the information on to the third party website. You do not want to click the link. What is important too is to let the third party assistant think you are a writer writing a story or you are searching for a friend. This will ease their curiosity.

An alternative way of receiving your information is to have the outsourcing company fax the information to a virtual fax number that you forward to a public fax or to a disposable email address.

If You Click The Link, You Will Sink!

Unless you are living in a shack in Maine or a cave in Tibet, you will run into people daily. The people you run into will be part of your circle. They will come to recognize your face. If you want to avoid the circles, you can do the spy thing and never visit the same place twice but that can be a difficult way to live. It is better to have a good back-story.

What you want to do with peoples curiosity is to control where they search. This is why for the tenth time I am saying you need a back-story. Not just a story you tell but also a backstory the people in your circle can confirm. Better to have the snoop find Frank M. Ahearn fashion photographer then Frank M. Ahearn privacy expert.

Who Are You Website

Just like Darla had a website about her fake employment. You are going to create a WHO ARE YOU website. This website will be a site you can share with the people in your new circle. This way when you are sipping drinks on Anton Martin in Madrid and the barkeep becomes friendly. You can slip him a card with your website information and satisfy the hombre’s curiosity.

I cannot stress the fact enough that your background should be something you know about. It should never be a direct hobby from your previous world. If you were on the bowling team in Spokane or London, you do not want to pose as a professional bowler. The two worlds of past and present could collide.

You could be derivative and claim you sell shoelaces for bowling shoes. If that is your back-story, build a website all about shoelaces for bowling shoes. The back-story should be developed and live on the internet before you go.

Say you decided to be consultant with Skul-Tryon LLC. On http://www.SkulTryon.ccc you will create two owners, Thomas Skul and Melissa Tryon. Each will have nice bios and there will be detailed information about the company and services. Do not post your photo or photos you have taken. Pictures of you can be located via sites like TinEye.com. The photos you have taken could be Geotagged.

Wiki – A geotagged photograph is a photograph, which is associated with a geographical location by geotagging.

IMPORTANT, do not include your name on the website; your predator will locate you! This website is to establish a back-story in your new world. Company websites do not list all employees so do not list your name.

You could have the title Director of Sales with an email address only using your initials FA@,DirestorofSales. This is the email address on your new business card.

For the website phone number use a virtual number or cheap answering service. Make the background of the company deep with a lot of social and digital information.

SOCIAL: Each of the executive names on your website should have a Facebook account, LinkedIn account and other social accounts. This will make the backgrounds look more realistic also create a few husbands, wives and fake Facebook friends for your coworkers.

NOTE: Facebook and Gmail request phone numbers to confirm identity and will send you a text code. Use your prepaid cell phone and change the number to use again. Other sites request a phone number but do not send a text code, provide them with a bogus cell phone number and all will be good. Note many prepaid cell companies let you change your cell number up to five times before charging. Consider this before buying your phones. After you used the cell phone number to set up the accounts dump the phone and SIM.

Never Provide a Phone Number That Can Connect You!

BLOG: Have a little fun and create blogs about your bogus company. You can even include some press releases about the company. The idea is to make the company appear legitimate and have a reasonable online presence. If you cannot write, locate a similar type company and copy their blogs but change all identifiers.

When you purchase your domain name, it is important to use a bogus name and email address when registering. The reason for this is when the domains expires the name you provided will be associated with the account.

Frank M. Ahearn
Author of: The Little Black Book Of Skip Tracing: Creating Pretext, Mastering Social Engineering And Finding Anyone Anywhere

Keep in mind, we exist in an instantaneous society where all is available at our fingertips. To a degree, we expect information on the people we meet to be readily available to satisfy curiosity. When information is not available, we become more curious and that curiosity is the danger in your life. People gossip and most of us at one point or another have played internet snoop. Therefore, it is important to dazzle them with some good deception.