The Fear of Words

There are strong words, weak words, and everyday words. There are great books that have rocked nations, and other books banned by them too. Words are the foundation of communications, good or bad but both much needed to understand and advance.

I was twenty-two when I read my first book, it was Notes From the Underground by Dostoevsky. With book in one hand and dictionary in the other, I conquered the words while I rode the A train. Upon the last page, I realized that there was something special about the written word. There was never a word that offended me; I cherished that I was able to learn and understand. It was the words that educated me, and inspired me to seek, and I have never stopped.

It is frightening that a government would tell a health organization whose purpose it is to search and share truths of potential dangers to stop using words. A directive which comes from politicians who see no value in honesty and are usually purveyors of lies for the seat of office. When government exhibits the fear of words, we should fear their ideology. There is nothing dangerous about Transgender, Scientific Based, Fetus or Vulnerable unless you silence them from the pen.

Frank M. Ahearn


In Conversation

I began doing undercover work in retail stores, where I worked as a regular employee, and my job was to catch other employees stealing. It was quite exciting and fun, but its charm faded.

I then worked in the investigative office, and there was a skip tracer (locates people) on the phone’s social engineering. I thought this was super cool and fascinating. I asked my boss to let me try, but he said no. I kept asking him and eventually, he told me if I can get a copy of his phone bill, he will let me skip trace. That night I went out to a payphone, called his phone company and posed as him. The phone company gave me every phone number he called, and the next morning I put the list on his desk. This blew him away, and that week I became a skip tracer.

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How to Disappear: Cryptocurrency

A few months back I was consulting with a client, and when it got down to the payment, they wanted to pay my fee in digital currency. I explained I do not use cryptocurrency and not a fan, that is from the how to disappear perspective. Such perspective is that there is a lag when it comes to liquidating and having cash on hand. I do not like the aspect that I cannot run to the corner bank and pull money out immediately. Also, there is no insurance if there is a screw-up, like what is happening with Ethereum Wallet. Think about it, there are millions of dollars frozen, and who knows how many people face potential loss. From a how-to disappear perspective this is a huge risk to freedom.

I am not saying digital currency is a bad thing. In the disappearing world it is an excellent place to stash and move your funds but never put your eggs in one basket. Also, keep in mind that the money you stash may not be readily available when most needed; therefore, the cryptocurrency cannot be the “get-a-way’ money but the slow pull money.

For the work to move forward, I had no choice but to set up an account and I was researching Ethereum and Bitcoin. From my non-technical head, I seemed to gravitate towards Ethereum but Bitcoin has that brand name, and that is where I went. If I went with Ethereum, I would now be working for free.