How to Disappear: To Tell or Not to Tell?

To tell or not to tell is an important aspect to consider before you vanish. If you walk out the door and tell no one, someone may contact the authorities and report that you have gone missing. The next thing you know, you are headline news. If you do share your secret, never reveal your whereabouts.


Twitter, Trump & Tunnel Vision

When I speak in public or meet with clients, a problem I discuss is digital tunnel vision, a shortsightedness that I believe has come to exist in the digital age. Corporations spend tremendous amounts of money to protect against outside intrusion. Although, some companies are failing when it comes to protecting against in-house intrusion. Twitter & Trump is an excellent example of inside invasion and digital tunnel vision.

There is no doubt that Twitter spends millions on digital security but my question is how much have they spent on inner-intrusion. Or have they even considered the fact that the wrong person can use them as an information weapon. The action of deactivating Trump’s Twitter account created no dangers, but it could have. The could have here is the real issue and threat. What if a rogue nation bribed the Twitter employee to post a message with far more dangerous words. Disaster could have befallen.

When I first began skip tracing an social engineering in the eighties my tagline was “Information is the greatest tool!” and it is, no doubt. The problem is that information can destroy people and companies. Now we are seeing how it is manipulating and dividing society.

Two items here, I believe companies should have a broader picture of the part they play in the world. Also think about how one employee could be the inner hacker, that lights the fuse of destruction. The curious question now is which organization will be used next as a pawn by an employee?

Frank M. Ahearn

Go Temporary – Think Permanent

When you plan your disappearance, do not think one place as the end all. I suggest that when you locate the desired location find a two to three-month rental and test ride the city. Answer some fundamental questions, can you acclimate, is there proper medical, can you earn a living and will you be happy.



Frank M. Ahearn

Spurlos verschwinden – Wie Menschen im digitalen Zeitalter abtauchen – Geheimnisse eines Zielfahnders

Wo sind Ihre Daten gespeichert? Persönliche Informationen sind im digitalen Zeitalter zur Ware geworden. Anhand von Kreditkartenkäufen, Suchanfragen und Klickverhalten werden Kundenprofile generiert und persönliche Daten gespeichert. Man muss wahrlich kein Verbrechen planen, um Opfer von Überwachung und Vorratsdatenspeicherung zu werden. In diesem Buch gibt der ehemalige FBI-Zielfahnder Frank M. Ahearn einen spannenden Einblick in die Welt der Überwachung und zeigt, wie man sich dieser entziehen kann. Anhand zahlreicher Fallbeispiele aus seiner beruflichen Praxis liefert er Tipps und Tricks, wie wir in der realen und digitalen Welt unsere Spuren verwischen können.

  • € 16,00 [D], € 16,50 [A]
  • Erscheint am 02.05.2018
  • 208 Seiten, Klappenbroschur
  • Übersetzt von: Andreas Simon Dos Santos
  • ISBN: 978-3-492-06124-7
  • Frank M. Ahearn

Spurlos verschwinden

Earn Money While Disappeared

Before you disappear, you need to think about how you will earn a living without being traced by your predator. I have said it hundreds of times; you cannot be Joe the bus driver in London and become Joe, the bus driver in Manchester.

Many clients create an online business where they host the site in Monaco or Switzerland, and the credit card processing is in another country like Singapore. Then they figure out how to extract the funds discreetly.

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