The Feeling of Freedom

Over a cup of coffee, a friend of mine tells me there is no real freedom. He quoted philosophers and presented ideas from schools of philosophies and such. Most of it drifted past me and got lost in the stratosphere. The funny part is my friend lives the freest lifestyle out of anyone I know. He is retired, lives in a city he loves, travels extensively, and works at will. What’s not free about that?

I believe that freedom must first happen within and evolve as a personal philosophy, not something you read in a book. Although, when you own your idea there is nothing wrong with creating a code, like that of The Art of War or Machiavelli’s The Prince. Treatises like these are used in daily life and business, so why shouldn’t your freedom be used in the same manner?

It is important not mistake freedom as something bought with money, found off the grid or anonymous in Monaco, these are only external ideas of freedom. What I discovered is becoming free is first finding it within and truly feeling it. If you can touch that feeling you can get what you need to be free.

Frank M. Ahearn
Author of, The Little Black Book of Skip Tracing


The Ultimate How To Disappear – Part 7

Enclosed is part of an unedited and unpublished book, The Ultimate How To Disappear.  I recently wrote the book but I am not thrilled with the results. Some of the content is useful and so, I have decided to post.

Check Point Charlie… Most clients want to know if they can contact their friends or family while disappeared. This is a tricky thing and it all depends on the predator. If you are dealing with a tech savvy or deep pocketed predator the answer is no. actually, I think it is best to leave the past in the behind and that includes loved ones. The whole point of disappearing is to disappear and not be located.

I do think there should be points of communications to let your family know you are alive and well. This could be done via a blog posting, a forum comment or something similar. For example, you and your mother could register on a news website that allows comments. What you two do is only comment on bank robberies or fires in Minnesota. Make it something specific so each know where to look. Keep the comments vague. Obviously, you nor your mother does this from your home computers.

You can use a prepaid mobile phone and speak once a month. After speaking that mobile phone and SIM card is dumped. To not be a dumbass and dump the phone out in the home trash. No be a foolish cheap skate and not dump the phone. You can locate each other’s phone number by placing a unique item for sale on a public message board. Perhaps deviate the fourth number by adding or subtracting two.

What I mentioned before about being a cheap skate is important. People who disappear and this includes their family become lazy, bad shit happens. When laziness happens that is the downfall and can lead to a bullet in the head.

I want to instill the idea that all war is deception. Being deceptive is never being lazy but planning your actions properly and planning them in a manner where you will never get caught. In the disappear world you cannot pick and choose, you must be all in with your actions.

You must develop a disappear code and stand true to that code. You must also recognize that your predator stands by a code. That code being, to hunt you down and capture or kill you. Without a code you will fail.

A code is not simply something you follow but also something that makes you aware of your own personal short comings. If you are the type of guy who likes to get all trashed on jack in Honky Tonks, you have problems. Those problems need to end and you must stand by that code.

Perhaps you are a high-class babe and dig the finest restaurants in town. The problem is you may encounter someone from the past as you sip your Camus Cuvee. Your code should tell you not to put yourself in such a situation.

Your code must always remind you of the risk. Your code should kick in when you are walking through a dangerous door, about to enter compromising situation or simply doing something stupid!

Create a code to live by because comfortability kills!

Internet Cafés… If you need to use an internet café, first use one out of your geographical zone. I use the word need carefully because I do not like internet cafes any longer. They have cameras and every move you make on their computer is tracked and traced. The problem is you do not know if the person behind the counter is digitally watching what you. Whatever it is you search at an internet café it must never involve your identification.

Avoid Internet Cafes… I would avoid using an internet café at all cost. It is better to purchase a cheap smartphone and prepaid SIM card. Then search what needs to be searched from a public internet service.

Prepaid Does Not Make You Anonymous… I will probably make this statement fifty times in this book. When you purchase or utilize tools of discretion, look around and smile for the camera. If you need prepaid gear, pay someone to go into the store and purchase the tools.