Burner Phones

The Monaco Yacht Club

There are those of us who are runners! We find it difficult to settle down, to consider one patch of land home. I know this because I am a runner and always been. Standing still can feel like a threat to freedom. Although or perhaps it is simply a Kerouac bug.

Lately, I have been bored with the world of hide & seek. When this happens, only movement can remedy. The thought of that cross-Italy road trip again, or holing up in Chiado for a few days races in my head. I think, how quick, when and let’s bolt! This a freedom and this is a handcuff in one. Traveling is like a drug and I know I must calm myself. I must center myself and not be rash, not let my wants overtake.

Traveling is me escaping the here and now and indulging beyond time. Those who disappeared can never go past the here and now. They cannot respond to The Monaco Yacht Club dream, or the Paris getaway at the Hotel Regina. A disappeared person must remain Zen, must be present and most of all not indulge in the unreal. This is not to say one should not dream but to say one should avoid the impulsive.

Disappearing is not all prepaid credit cards, burner phones, offshore bank accounts and digital deception. Being disappeared is a way of life, a centering of self in the moment and the space currently occupied. All else does not exist. Being a runner and dreaming of The Monaco Yacht Club or The Hotel Regina in Paris takes you away from your discipline. This is a danger in the privacy world. Do not be seduced by what is not in front of you.


The Little Black Book of Skip Tracing


The Ultimate How To Disappear

cover2.jpgFrank M. Ahearn’s The Ultimate How To Disappear is the long-awaited follow-up to his New York Times Best Seller, How to Disappear: Erase Your Digital Footprint, Leave False Trails, And Vanish Without A Trace.

If you need to disappear, or simply want to secure your personal privacy, The Ultimate How to Disappear is the definitive manual. Ahearn breaks down the art of disappearing into three books. The first, Pre-Disappearing, Know Before You Go, interweaves concepts from Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, demonstrating how Sun Tzu’s strategies are still relevant and useful today.

We now exist in a world where the delete button does not work and the concept of personal privacy has become extinct like the dinosaurs. Deleting one’s digital footprint is no longer a safeguard to privacy, which is continuously illegally invaded by governments and criminals, alike. The Ultimate How To Disappear teaches you how to combat digital intrusion and create deception in order to disappear without being found. Using real-life examples from his cases, Ahearn demonstrates how disappearing is still possible. In Pre-Disappear, you will learn in detail the critical first steps for going off the radar.

Frank M. Ahearn was a skip tracer who utilized social engineering to extract private information. Currently, he works with clients who need to disappear and gives talks around the world for companies, organizations, think tanks and high-net-worth groups.

Available for pre-order at Amazon.


Prepaid… Pay as you go and prepaid debit cards do not make you anonymous. Especially if you walked into the store and purchased the item directly. The camera in the store connected you to that phone or debit card. Pay someone on the streets to buy your tools of discretion.

Governor Robert Bentley, who allegedly had a thing with an advisor, purchased prepaid phones directly from Best Buy. After the scandal hit, the Best Buy employees sang like birds about The Gov and his AT&T flip phones.

Prepaid is not anonymous!

Trash… Before you disappear destroy devices that have on and off buttons. This means, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, Google watches and anything else that connects to the internet or holds information about you. These items need to go and should not be taken with you when you cross the border.

Destroy old phone books, personal diaries, postcards, travel books, pill bottles and anything else you believe can be a threat.

Printers have memory so destroy and trash that mother!

Do NOT put your garbage out on the street. Drop it elsewhere but double check there are no identifiers in the bags.

Shredding… After you shred, flush it! Actually flush twice, New Jersey is a distance.

Always Remember… Pushing Enter, Send or Download creates footprints.

Delete… Does not exist on the internet. Disinformation is the only tool.

Passport… Is your passport up-to-date? Will it expire soon? How will you obtain your new passport when it expires?

A new law says the State Department can revoke, deny or limit passports for anyone the IRS certifies as having a seriously delinquent tax debt in an amount in excess of $50,000. Imagine that, you are disappeared in Lisbon and you try to renew our passport only to discover you cannot. If you owe the man money you must think about how you will exist if your passport is revoked.

Second Passports… A number or countries offer second passports. The countries and process changes like the weather so it is best you search directly. When you do search for a second passport do not use a service that sells second passport assistance. Do it yourself, be hands on, you are a disappearing warrior and global strategist.

Note: It’s a U.S. federal crime to enter or leave the country on anything other than a valid U.S. passport, even if you have other nationalities. Dam the man!