The Lagom of Privacy

I am not one to follow trends or get caught up in the waves of internet movements. However, I read an interesting article from the BBC about Lagom a Scandinavian term meaning, “just the right amount.” I believe to create the ultimate privacy one must live by a code and that code should have a balance. Lagom is about balance. The balance of work and life, disappearing is about the same. Ultimately, the two become one to be dictated by a code.

So, why the babble about this new word and way known as Lagom. The reason being is I believe people who want a private lifestyle must also figure out how to co-exist with intrusion and in do so in society. As opposed to sitting on the side lines of the world, waiting and watching. The is no need to lock yourself up in a room if you have disappeared, venture with caution, find a community be one with something. Even if it is a Scandinavian trend or word. Do not let your privacy rule you, be the master of your world not a slave to your dilemma.

Fran M. Ahearn
Author of: The Art of Disappearing: 199 Essential Privacy and Disappearing Tips


The Luck of Disappearing

There is no sure way of disappearing, sometimes disappearing is a simple crap shoot and luck rules the game. Not a very comforting thought, if you plan on pulling the trigger and have read all the how to books. Even more unfortunate is you cannot depend on luck because it works both ways, in your favor and your predators. When you think about it luck is really on your predator’s side.

So… What is the point of telling you this and writing about the fortunate and misfortune of luck in the disappear world? Simple, to keep you aware and make you realize that no matter how perfect the plan there is always that chance things can crash and burn. It’s like the first plot point of a movie. The main character is living a good life and then he is framed for murder. Being disappeared is the same, you are living your life in Fiji and boom! The wrong person, newspaper article or nosy neighbor blows you out of the water. It isn’t Miller time but got to run time!

Then the next question is will you run or find a new patch of land to hide. This is one of those disappearing biblical questions or great debates that have no true solution. Actually it is one of those things that just is… Being on the run can keep you one step ahead and being stationary can keep you off the grid. Then again, being on the move creates a lot of digital footprints and being in one place can make you a sitting duck. Perhaps the solution is, in which scenario do you feel the luckiest.

Frank M. Ahearn


Author of The Art of Disappearing, According to Sun Tzu’s, The Art of War!

Zen Warrior of The Disappear World

The mindset of disappearing is to think of yourself as a Zen warrior of the disappear world. One who has the ability to see the past, the present and the future, separately and as one. Imagine yourself being a three-dimensional chess game where you exist in three physical dimensions and each dimension affects the other. Three-dimensional chess embraces the idea of taking a two-dimensional plane and adding an aerial (above) and underwater (below). I see it from the perspective of adding the past and the future into your current physical plane. Meaning, the actions that occurred prior to disappearing can affect your current disappeared state. Your current disappeared state can affect your future disappeared state. In addition, your past can affect your future. Everything is one in the disappear world.

So the question is how does one become a Zen warrior of the disappear world. It begins with your thought process and how you view being disappeared. The first step is to realize, understand and accept that disappearing is not about tools but a way of life. One should always exist in the here and now, which is the ultimate state of awareness. This awareness embraces the idea that there is no past, present of future, just that all is one. It is like standing on a tall building and you can see everything in front and everything behind you, while being in one place.

Why is this thought process important? Disappearing is like juggling, if you drop one ball the juggle ceases to exist. Disappearing is always about the past, present and future and if you drop one, your freedom will cease to exist. Only you can determine how the past can creep up on you and only you can determine which actions today can play a negative role in your future. You are the only strategist in your world, not some book. Therefore, be Zen in your thinking and warrior in your actions!

Frank M. Ahearn – http://www.Disappear.Info

Author of: The Art of Disappearing, According to Sun Tzu’s The Art of War

The Zen of Disappearing & Privacy

I began adding to this blog out of boredom. Each morning I wake wondering what to add, wondering if I have anything important to add. In addition, wondering if anything I have added in the past has any shred of value. The reason I say this is, one can only blab so much about disappearing and privacy for so long without sounding like a broken record.

The avoidance of attempting to being a broken brings me to the so—called evolution about my idea of disappearing. For the longest, I viewed disappearing as something accomplished with tools. The tools being misinformation, destroying old information, disinformation, creating fake trails and reformation, getting from point A to B. Tools are necessary but I now believe more and different is also necessary.cover_3(1)

Disappearing is a lifestyle and a way of thinking change. I see this as a philosophical and Zen way of being. Maye this is an odd approach but for the past year I have lived a bit off the radar and have learned much more about being disappeared. Being disappeared is like being a passive observer with a watchful eye. Such an eye must see the tangible threats and the invisible threats of information. Such a way of seeing can only come through discipline.

Recently I completed the first book of The Art of Disappearing, According to Sun Tzu’s, The Art of War. Working on this project has opened my eyes to the thought process of what one should embrace when pre-planning a disappear journey. Yes, it is the tools and yes, it is being a strategist but it is also being mindful of the world around you which is the past, present and future. Disappearing and privacy is definitely a mindset. The future of disappearing is about being a strategist and being mindful in the world you live.

Frank M. Ahearn

The Ultimate How To Disappear – Part 23

Enclosed is a section from The Ultimate How to Disappear, a book I wrote but dumped. Note, unedited.

Part 23

In pre-disappearing, you want to create places to draw the predator. You want to be in control of where they search. That control begins by letting them believe they will show up in unexpected cities. This is accomplished by the disinformation you create. Your strength is and always will be in your deception.

If… If you find yourself in a situation where you must disappear it is imperative to stop everything. Think strategic not reactionary. Strategic is using your brain and reactionary is working off your emotions and fear. When one goes to battle they must never act off of fear. This person was being reactionary to his situation, not strategic. Prior to contacting me he should have asked himself if his actions would create any traces. The answer is obvious.

Proper pre-disappearing protocol would have been to purchase a prepaid credit card, prepaid mobile phone and a dump email address. Visit my website from an unassociated internet connection, pay for the consultation using the prepaid credit card, provide me with the prepaid mobile phone number. Have the consultation from an unconnected geographical location, like a park two hours away. To make it more discreet, use a VPN or DNS.

In the digital world there is no perfect way to hide your footprints or guarantee that we can actually hide our footprints. I say this is because most of us do not know the workings behind the technology we are using. For all you know, you are using a software that claims to be secure but some kid in in Okinawa, hacked into the software the day before and your secret becomes available for all the world to see.

The only true privacy we can create when using technology is to separate our identity from the search. If you search how to disappear, smuggle money to Belize, living in Brazil and weed friendly countries. The strategy is to ask yourself if anyone can connect you to that search, digitally or offline. Digital is obvious, offline perhaps a camera in the internet café or searching from your mother’s home computer.

Frank M. Ahearn – http://www.Disappear.Info

See my new book: The Art of Disappearing, According to Sun Tzu’s The Art of War

The Ultimate How To Disappear – Part 20

This is from The Ultimate How to Disappear, a book I wrote but felt it was best not to publish. Note, unedited.

Part 20

A Story Of Happiness… A client was living with their spouse on divorce day. From what I understood life under the roof was a land of misery, contributed by both parties. The client had a disappear plan up their sleeve and decided to make peace and try to not to engage in confrontation.

The client figured that if they backed off, such actions would make life easier until they both parted ways but this was not the case. The change in attitude made the client’s spouse extremely suspicious and a private detective was hired to follow the client.

The client had a cash business and at the close of each day would make a deposit into a joint account at Bank A. However, after each deposit the client walked across the street to Bank B and made a deposit. Bank B was an account the client never disclosed in the divorce papers. This discovery of the hidden bank account blew up in my clients face and did not play out very well in court.

My client’s lawyer asked the spouse’s lawyer how the client figured out there was another bank account. The lawyer explained that the happiness of the client was so out of character, it was suspicious. The lesson here is if you are a miserable bastard, remain a miserable bastard until your ass is out the door.

Jailbreak… If your ex or a predator sees a change in you this will definitely prompt suspicion. The pre-disappearing phase is no different than a jailbreak. You must remain cool and no one should ever see a change in you.

Illusion… If you have always been viewed as weak, keep the illusion. If you have always been viewed as a stingy miser, keep the illusion. No one should ever know if you are coming or going.

Being On The Run… I view being on the run as not being disappeared. The question is which will you be? Those that go on the run are typically responding to a threatening situation. That situation could be escaping from prison, jumping bail, walking out on a violent spouse or another type of immediate escape.

Being Disappeared… Is finding a secure and private location where you can start over and build a new life.

Being On The Run Or Being Disappeared… You need to decide if it is safer for you to be on the run or disappear to a specific location. There are pros and cons for each but only you can determine which is safest. The decision should be based on who your predator is, why you are disappearing, how much money you have, your ability to be mobile, is it physically safe for you to be on the run and such factors.

There is a lot of exposure being on the run. The constant movement, the passing through bus stations, train stations and airports. You are creating a lot of digital foot prints and putting your face in many public places. Every time you check into a hotel there is a camera snapping your photo. To avoid hotels and motels, couch surf or use private apartment rentals.

Being disappeared can create complacency and sometimes make you a sitting target. To a degree, you never know if the predator has rolled into to town and is stalking. Yet, being disappeared, you create less footprint and less exposure to outside factors.

I believe the strategy is to identify the dangers of the day. Whether that day involves running or being disappeared. Before you walk out the door, anticipate an do not underestimate the dangers and figure out how to avoid.

Walkaway Day… A few years back I did a documentary called Erasing David. It was about David Bond who planned to disappear and see if he could be erased for a period of time without being located by a private detective.

When I sat down with David to discuss his disappearance he planned to walk out his door and vanish. My first question being, how do you know the private investigator is not sitting on the corner waiting to follow you. David did not think about the first second of the walkaway.

Your walkaway is the most important second of your disappearance. When you walk out your door, it is game on, you did it and it all begins. Therefore, when you step into the street you are fair game and in the hunt.

It does not matter if your predator is doing a surveillance on you or not. You must assume the predator and big brother is watching. Therefore, you accept the fact that you are under the eye and your actions must incorporate the eye watching you. I could play know it all and write fifty tips on how to thwart a surveillance but it is not my expertise. Read a book about surveillance and counter surveillance.

The goal of this book is to teach you to think strategically not just about disappearing. Prior to walkaway day you should be well read in many arts. Think, offshore banking, privacy, surveillance, strategy, traveling, technology and other books that deem appropriate in your situation.

No one book is the bible of your disappearance!

Landing Zone… When you are planning your walkway do not go straight to your destination. Choose a location somewhere in the middle and hole up there. This will provide you the opportunity to determine if you are under the eye or left some footprints. The landing zone should never be a hotel it is best to be a private apartment rental.

The most dangerous part about the walkaway is the physical surveillance you will encounter. The cameras in a train station, toll crossings, hotel lobbies and even small bodegas. Avoiding surveillance is like wading through a tank full of sharks. All you an do is your best to avoid.

The walkaway has to be carefully planned. However, you must be cautious about leaving footprints while you research and plan. I would suggest using Google Earth and Google Maps, they show you what you need to know and the best part is you can see the buildings and street corners on your route. For example, you may have planned to walk down 56th street but discover there is a diplomatic mission on that street and heavy physical and digital security. Perhaps on 9th street there is a police station. Are there road closings?

Is it a Friday night and there will be more police on the road? Is it the 4th of July and there are DUI check points? Are you in the US and driving to close to the Mexican border? Maybe a catastrophic event took place a week earlier? Any of these events could throw a wrench into your walkaway.

I mentioned that when you walk away, it should appear like it is a normal day. Why this is so important is you may start your exit and something could occur and you may need to retreat and hold your disappearance for a day or two.

Frank M. Ahearn – http://www.Disappear.info

Excerpt: How to Disappear From Big Brother

Ultimately disappearing is about freedom. Each decision you make should be in the advancement of your freedom. If a decision comes your way and your answer does not walk you in the direction of freedom something is wrong. Freedom should always come first.

Sun Tzu the strategist tells us to know our enemy and know thyself. To be aware is to be alive! The same strategy applies when you disappear from BIG BROTHER or any other threat in your life. You must think like a military strategist and anything less will knock you out of the game. Knowing thyself is more than knowing your online and offline information. Knowing thyself is to know your survival skills and knowing the tracking skills of your enemy. Disappearing is far beyond the idea of going from point A to point B. Disappearing is about being aware of your environment every second of your day.

Every face you pass on the streets in your new world is a threat. The cashier ringing up the milk, the postal worker stuffing mail in your mailbox, the person sitting across from you in a café is all a threat. Every metro station you enter and exit is a threat. Walking the street and turning the corner is a threat. Even entering your home at night is a threat. The danger you dread can come from anywhere anytime. How you react when confronted by the threat will no doubt determine the success of your freedom.

From How to Disappear From BIG BROTHER

A year before writing this book I met up with a retired drug smuggler in Dublin. He burned some people during his incarceration and they wanted to take him out of the game. Law enforcement contacted him and explained that there was a contract put out on his life. They offered him protection with the stipulation that he had information to offer. This was not his cup of tea and he said no.

We met in a hotel lobby in Dublin and at first; I thought he was a journalist pranking me. The smuggler was not your average looking smuggler that is if there is such a thing. He looked more like a bean counter then a man who ran a drug empire. However, after the conversation began to roll it was obvious this was no prank. His life was jeopardy and he needed to disappear.

A funny part of the conversation came about when he asked if there were any books he could read about coping with disappearing. Last I looked Dear Abby had not written a disappear book. Anyway, who cares about coping with disappearing, when you are in the hunt? You disappear and forget about the residual emotional baggage. My suggestion was to read books about criminals who went on the run and see what occurred in their life.

Eventually we made our way from each other and something he said about disappearing from BIG BROTHER played in my mind. I began to think about the disappearing process if the predator were in fact BIG BROTHER. I came to realize there is no secret sauce or decoder ring in the disappearing world. All you have in your arsenal are books written and failed stories from others who have disappeared. To disappear from BIG BROTHER would the ultimate disappearing match.

Disappearing is mostly art with a little science in the mix. Each person is different and I believe that before you disappear you need to develop a code to stand by. How you create, the code is by learning from others who have failed in the disappearing process. This is the closest you will ever come to a secret sauce or decoder ring.

I think it is best to first look at the downfalls of the disappeared. What is the clutch that they released right before their demise? I would say becoming comfortable in their existence and compromising the code they originally lived by. Those that have successfully disappeared seemed to risk it all with one unproven thought, the thought that it is was safe. Believing something is safe is not proving it is safe.

Another downfall that the disappeared commit is they return to the place they left. If one has successfully disappeared, one should stay disappeared! What is the point of putting five, ten or fifteen years of freedom in jeopardy?

Environment can be a red flag, where the disappeared spends, their time is key. Most likely if one hangs out at the local bucket of blood where miscreants and gang bangers do their thing; it is likely the heat will show up. BIG BROTHER will ask for your papers, papers please.

Resources are an important key to disappearing successfully, whether it is money, shelter or a place to disappear to you. You need to have resources or figure out how to obtain resources. You must be cautious when accessing or obtaining resources, they could lead to your discovery.

Only you can be the architect in your disappearing plan. You must create a code that works for you and never become complacent while you are disappeared. You must never folly with the idea that it is safe to return unless it is dire. Looking back can only tempt you to consider a return. It is best to leave the life you left behind in the rear view and never tempt fate.

Frank M. Ahearn