How to Disappear Or Not

CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO – How to Disappear from Big Brother

Marc Stuart Dreier was a lawyer and in 2009 he was arrested for a litany of fraud charges. I know it is a shocker. Imagine a lawyer committing a crime who would have thought. I watched a documentary titled Unraveled about Drier. A camera crew hung with him for thirty days prior to his sentence.

The meat of the crime was Drier approached a hedge fund company and claimed his client wanted to borrow money on the QT. The hedge fund company was interested and so Drier supplied them with bogus financial statements and brokered the phony deal. What began as a one-million-dollar fraud escalated to the tune of several hundred million bucks. That my friend is a whole lotta fritters.

Drier built a huge law firm that had offices in New York, Los Angeles, Connecticut, and a few other places. What no one knew was he was funding the law firm with stolen money. Drier owned a super cool apartment in New York, a huge house in the Hamptons, a nice place in Anguilla and a kick ass Aston Martin. His life amounted to being the boss of a law firm and the boss of a fraud firm.

In the documentary Drier talked about being in a situation where he needed to create more fraud to pay off the old fraud. Again, this was a situation where a thief had no exit plan. He kept the hamster wheel spinning and swindling more money.

Drier stated that when the market turned around and slipped it became more difficult to locate new marks to rip off. What I found interesting about Drier was when he was in Dubai he knew the end was near. He claimed he had one hundred million dollars in the bank and claimed that Dubai has no extradition. He was thinking of staying but did not want to be away from his children.

Drier returned to the US and headed up to Toronto to try one last fraud but it blew up in his face. He was arrested, convicted, and sentenced to twenty long ones.

What I do not understand about these white-collar fools who spin their wheels hustling here, defrauding there only to end up in the big house. To a degree, they are like drug lords. We all know that most drug lords will share the same destiny. What is it about those lifestyles and breeds, where neither exit the game?

Perhaps it is never the plan or fantasy to disappear with millions and billions. Maybe it is about doing the hustle, until it hustles no more.

Frank M. Ahearn
Author of: The Little Black Book Of Skip Tracing: Creating Pretext, Mastering Social Engineering And Finding Anyone Anywhere


Playing Dead: A Journey Through the World of Death Fraud

514zpU9ij9L._SX324_BO1,204,203,200_      I recently met up with author Elizabeth Greenwood at Ferrara’s Bakery on Grand Street. I am not one to review or promote books, however, Elizabeth recently penned the super cool, Playing Dead: A Journey Through the World of Death Fraud.

This is a great book that captured a unique world and I feel she has climbed the ranks and earned her place as Madam Disappear. Elizabeth went on a journey to learn how to disappear herself and ended up meeting and hanging with some famous disappear fraudsters. This book is important because she brings you into the world of those who failed! An important thing to know if you are learning how to disappear.

I say check it out: Playing Dead: A Journey Through the World of Death Fraud.

Available at Amazon

The Ultimate How To Disappear – Part 12

I wrote a new book, The Ultimate How to Disappear and it sucked! So, I decided not to publish. However, there is some is good information and so I am posting that information. Note, the content is unedited.

Part – 12 – Frank M. Ahearn – http://www.Disappear.Info

There is no moral law in disappearing nor is there any moral law when it comes to hunting you. You must accept the fact that you are in a game of dirt. The laws may dictate that a predator or police cannot obtain your records without a court order. However, you must recognize that the law no longer stands to protect.

When I was doing the skip tracing nd social engineering I did many favors for law enforcement. Favors that outright violated people’s rights. If you are disappeared you can’t cry foul, you can only protect yourself against the predator. That begins with acknowledging the fact they are all dirty and they will violate you or your information any way possible to capture you.

The New Fake Digital You… In the great words of The Who, “Who are you?” When you contact a person about an apartment for rent, the first thing they will do is search you out on the internet. Finding no information about you is worse than finding negative information about you. You must feed the world some digital bullshit.

Prior to contacting a realtor or landlord you must set up a website that provides some type of background information. It is important you never put your name on the website, it is only used as a front. Perhaps the migration of penguins is your thing. You can set up a website about and make yourself a penguin research expert who works for the International Consortium of Penguins. You will use and email, only using your initials and the domain name of International Consortium of Penguins dot something.

If there is negative online information about you, like drunk driving over a bunch of chickens in Muscle Shoals. You must associate your name with a different geography. You can create a Facebook with no photos but be New York based or build a blog about barbecue in your home city of Memphis. Your name will be associated with these sites as opposed to the fowl homicide. Today we are judged by our digital presence. So create the presence that works in your favor.

How To Create… It is time to build your penguin website which will be used as your bogus background. I use the word penguin because your bogus background could be that of a penguin expert. Your website could host information about the mating rituals of those funny creatures. Who knows?

When you pick background and website domain name make sure it is private. Do NOT use your name on ANYTHING to do with the bogus website. This includes the sign up information. Hopefully at this stage of the book you realize this should be done with a prepaid debit card and from an internet connection not connected with your identity. If not move to the back of the class because you are a disappearing dumbass.

The purpose of this site it to feed information. Therefore, when you contact a realtor or potential landlord you can email from your penguin email.

My name is Frank M. Ahearn and I am the leading penguin disappear expert in the world. I am moving to your city for a new and exciting project about penguins. I would like you to locate an apartment for me and assist in setting up the lease under the name of International Consortium of Penguins.

Thank you and much penguin love!
Frank M. Ahearn

The landlord or realtor will hit your penguin website and have tangible information about you. It is better than nothing. It wouldn’t hurt to create a business blog, Facebook page and a few other entities to give you more validity.

The penguin website will be used in your new disappear world too. When you meet people socially you will provide them with business cards that have the website and a phone number which is answered by an inexpensive answering service. The risky part is putting your name on the business card. This is a call you need to make based on how uncommon your name is and why you disappeared.

You must have a a story to tell the butcher, the baker and the vodka and orange juice maker!

Duplify… If you were one of those who have indulged in social media and now there is a shit load of online babble with your name and photos. Removing or deleting the information is a limited game plan.

What you want to do is duplify your name. Create as much social information using your name exactly as it appears in social media. However, change the city, your ex-spouses name, upload bogus photos of you, change your age and totally destroy your online presence. Just keep duplifying.

Duplify, does not mean be absurd and claim you are Julius Caesar or the inventor of the Sham Wow. Keep it believable. You want your predator to wonder.

Just sit at your computer and bang away at the deception and disinformation. Each piece of disinformation is a piece of information your predator must sift through and question. Sure, they are going to think a lot of it false crap but still, they need to be sure.

When the predator is sifting through your disinformation they must keep in mind that one piece could be real. They must venture with the mindset that one of the fifty profiles could be real or the smoke screen.

Credit Destroy… I suggest when you disappear you do not destroy your credit. Pay off what you can and keep FICO happy. If you do not care about your credit, destroy it by applying for a million and six credit cards using various deviations of your name and a slew of different addresses. Your credit report will look like a jumbled mess of inquiries with a side of fraud.