How to Disappear

Over The Wall

You never embrace, over the wall thinking when planning to Disappear or vanish from sight. Over the wall is what prisoners do, they never think beyond the wall. Create a detailed and secure vanishing plan and execute it properly.


How to Disappear: Cryptocurrency

A few months back I was consulting with a client, and when it got down to the payment, they wanted to pay my fee in digital currency. I explained I do not use cryptocurrency and not a fan, that is from the how to disappear perspective. Such perspective is that there is a lag when it comes to liquidating and having cash on hand. I do not like the aspect that I cannot run to the corner bank and pull money out immediately. Also, there is no insurance if there is a screw-up, like what is happening with Ethereum Wallet. Think about it, there are millions of dollars frozen, and who knows how many people face potential loss. From a how-to disappear perspective this is a huge risk to freedom.

I am not saying digital currency is a bad thing. In the disappearing world it is an excellent place to stash and move your funds but never put your eggs in one basket. Also, keep in mind that the money you stash may not be readily available when most needed; therefore, the cryptocurrency cannot be the “get-a-way’ money but the slow pull money.

For the work to move forward, I had no choice but to set up an account and I was researching Ethereum and Bitcoin. From my non-technical head, I seemed to gravitate towards Ethereum but Bitcoin has that brand name, and that is where I went. If I went with Ethereum, I would now be working for free.