Jason Bourne

The Ultimate How To Disappear – Part 19

This is from the a book I recently wrote, The Ultimate How to Disappear, however, the book did not turn out as expected so I trashed it. Please note, unedited.

Part 19

Where There Is Human Touch There Is No Privacy… The reality of privacy is, it is a secret. If there is more than one person involved the secret is vulnerable. Always be prepared that the secret will be leaked.

Mobile Show Phone… Before disappearing you will set up a Show Phone. This is a phone you will carry in public or at social events. This phone will NEVER have any real identifiers entered into the phone. You will have numbers in the phone book to the local Chinese restaurant, the supermarket, the bus station and names like Bob, Carol, Ted and Alice. However, their phone numbers will be random businesses. You will NOT have photos of yourself or people of your past. Never take photos in or in proximity of your home due to GPS.

A Show Phone is a phone you have with you when you are around other people. The reason for the bogus information is, if you leave the phone behind, someone asks to use the phone there is no threat of identifiers falling into the wrong hands.

SIM Danger… Do not play Jason Bourne and have twenty SIM chips in your possession while traveling. If you are randomly searched this will be looked upon as mighty suspiciously. Mighty suspicious leads to a backroom anal probe.

Simple Lesson… Never carry tools of the trade that can create suspicion. Review your car or luggage and ask yourself if something can be considered suspect. If it can, trash it and move on without it.

The Great Disappearing Biblical Question… Can one truly disappear in the age of Big Brother and big data? The answer is yes and the reason why is, information is just information. The true danger is the human eye.

Again… Before you walk out the door, search your person and bag. Determine if anything can create suspicion or danger. Always have you ID at the grab of a hand, this way you never fumble in your bag. Your fumble could look suspicious. Actually if you sneeze the wrong way in some place it could be probable cause.

Know Your Story… Before you disappear and walk out that door, know what you must know. Who you are, where you are going and why. When a person crosses customs or is stopped by law enforcement they are immediately judged by their demeanor and response. If you come across like an idiot and are unsure of your travel, you will be taken for a cup of coffee in the back room. If you know what I mean.

Know Your Rights… No matter where you are disappearing to, know the law and know your rights. If you have the right to remain silent be so! If you have the right to say no, say no. sometimes just knowing your rights will let you pass go.

Find The Balance… Knowing your rights does not mean you should be a dickhead. Find the balance between standing up for yourself and being polite. If you are a dick you will be treated like a dick. The balance of your freedom depends on the outcome of such conversations. This is where you must think like a strategist, assess the situation and respond according. Then again, there might come a time where you must dead eye them and play it out. Yet, these things should not be tested on isolated roads in the middle of nowhere.

People, Places & Things… As I stated one can disappear in the ever intrusive age of technology and government spying. However, you must create a mindset and recognize that people, places and things can bring you down.

This idea derives from when I was a kid in Daytop, a drug program. They stressed the fact of people places and things. If you do not want to shoot heroin, do not hang out with addicts or in places where addicts hang. The same goes for disappearing, if you do not want get popped or be discovered in your, disappear world, do not hang out with people, in places or do things that will compromise your freedom. There is a flipside to this. Sometimes you cannot control people, places and things. Therefore, be prepared for the people, places and things that land in your lap.

People… You could turn the corner and run into someone you have not seen in twenty years.

A client of mine, Charlie Brown is a college professor who occasionally writes articles about international criminals. On a Sunday an article was published and on Tuesday three men knocked on his door. The three men explained that they are going to kill him, not today, not tomorrow or next month but perhaps in three months or six months. Either way they are going to kill him by the end of the year.

I met Charlie in a café and he was a bag of mess. He was distraught and appeared highly paranoid. I do not like talking with clients in bars or cafes, people eavesdrop. We moved the conversation to the Waldorf Astoria and found a quiet spot in the corner.

Charlie wanted to move to the Pacific North West of America, which I explained would be a huge mistake. He was college professor and probably taught thousands of students who were now spread across the US. My though was he needs to go to a place where he would not run into people. He was adamant and had no desire to leave the country.

When you are thinking of your new disappear land it is important to think of the who factor. Who can or will I run into in San Diego or Belmopan. Do I know anyone who lives in Paris, Lisbon or Boston? Did that company I work for ten years ago open a new office in London? You cannot identify every threat but try to identify as many as possible to reduce the threat.

But Sometimes… What happened next never, ever happened in my life. Over walks a colleague Charlie has not seen in twenty years. I mean, what are the chances? Charlie turns white in shock and has a difficult time introducing the long haired dodgy dude sitting next to him. This was a totally uncomfortable situation and eventually the colleague wanders away.

Here is the problem with a such a scenario. Let us say, Charlie was disappeared in Seattle and sitting in a Starbucks. The colleague walks over, says hello to Charlie, Charlie is all weirded out and the colleague eventually walks away.

Where the danger lurks is, the colleague could walk away and post on Twitter he saw Charlie Brown in a Seattle Starbucks. The criminals who plan to put Charlie in the dirt nap could have Google alerts. That story would end with a bullet in Charlies head. Sometimes, random shit happens so be prepared.

Places… Your environment is always a danger. Whether it is a shopping mall, supermarket or moving train. The key is to reduce your exposure and not put yourself in places that can expose you. When I think of London, I think facial recognition. When I think of Times Square, I think shit loads of cops. Before you start your day’s travel, think about who and what you will come your way. If there is a safer road, take that road. Risk is cool in poker but not when it comes to freedom.

Habits… We are all creatures of habits. Make a list of your habits. When I talk of habits, I mean things like, specific cologne, lipstick, words you say or jeans you buy. Habits include, your early trip to Burning Man or opening of deer season in Michigan. Plus, you should not shoot Bambi’s mom, bad karma.

Evolution… To a degree there must be an evolution of self. Not a new identity but personal changes that will leave parts of the old you in the past. In the pre-disappearing stage, think about you and aspects that can and will make you vulnerable. The evolution of self should be a natural letting go not an unbelievable recreation of who you were or want to be in the future.

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