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How to Disappear – Virtual Entity

CHAPTER EIGHTEEN – How to Disappear from Big Brother

As a Virtual Entity I attempt to create a Go Bag in most foreign cities I visit. For me freedom is always the focus and the endgame. To disappear you need two items, financial instruments and travel documents.

You may not have the opportunity to travel but that should not stop you from attempting to acquire your disappear instruments online. Instruments being prepaid debit cards, prepaid money cards, foreign currency, transfer accounts like and online merchant accounts that accept credit cards.

In the past, the most difficult part of setting up virtual tools in a foreign country was the language barrier. This is not really an issue anymore since the creation of online translation tools but let us not place too much stock in their clarity. I suggest utilizing a third party assistant for translation.

Although, the best asset in any foreign city is a local realtor, they know all. What I do is search online for an apartment or house for sale. I do not search for a ten million dollar penthouse but something in the one or two hundred thousand range. I contact a local realtor and explain I will be visiting the city and I am interested in viewing an apartment.

You do not pick the ten million dollar apartment because this will make you a big fish to the realtor. The realtor will want to know all about you and will search you online. With this said you create a cover story before contacting the realtor.

Prior to heading to a foreign city, I create my fake online identity that I travel under and use for communication purposes. The identities I build are all self-employed.

Never, ever, never, ever, ever build a website and profile yourself as a licensed individual like a lawyer, doctor, accountant or other type of licensed individual. This is illegal.

Having a cover website will satisfy the curiosity of the realtor. Remember to do this work use your Third Party Assistant or from a computer where your identity cannot be connected with. After you make a connection with a realtor, you will hit them up for a variety of information.

My first question to the realtor is if there are local message boards like Craigslist or Back Page where I can place an advertisement for an assistant for hire. Most realtors provide me with websites where I can place the ad and they usually refer someone for the position. I thank them for the help but I avoid using their referral. I prefer to keep all contacts separate.

I review the message boards the realtor provided. If the boards are not in English, I put them through a translator and slowly make my way around. If the language barrier is too difficult, I use my Third Party Assistant to create the ad for me. 

Businessperson searching for an assistant for one or two days must be bilingual and have a good knowledge of the city.

The majority of people who contact me are college students. I explain that I am setting up a business and I need them to assist me as a guide and interpreter. Having a motivated college student never fails. Make sure they know the different neighborhoods and the public transportation.

The reason I suggest hiring an assistant is to get to know the city. Sometimes being in new places it can be difficult figuring how the city operates. When I arrive, I have my local assistant take me through the city and teach me how to use the bus, trains and other important information I should to know.

You never know you could be in your new city three weeks and find yourself discovered. Having full knowledge of the city can aid in a quick escape.

Mail Drop

I open a mail drop and pay one year in advance. With the mail drop, you do not want to have a P.O. Box drop you want an address drop like 123 Main Street Suite 815. In one instance, I was unable to open a mail drop and my college assistant allowed me to use his home address until I was able to locate a suitable mail facility.

Prepaid Cell Phones

Every country I land in I buy several prepaid cell phones from multiple carriers and I top up the time. Just a note some countries have cracked down on pay as you go phones and you now need to provide ID to obtain a cell phone. This should not be a problem since you will NOT go into the store and purchase the cell phone. Remember, the identification and cameras in the store create the digital footprint. Find a soul in need of a few euros or have your assistant make the purchase.

To keep track of my cell phones I write the country name and cell number on masking tape and place on back of phone. Then I tape over with clear tape so the ink does not run. If you have, numerous cell phones consider shipping the phones so you are not going through checkpoints with twenty cell phones. You may be wondering why carry the phones when you can carry only the SIMS. Carrying twenty SIM cards could prompt a red flag too. Another option is to leave the prepaid cellphone in your mail drop.

Bank Accounts

When in a new country hit the streets and find a bank that will open a checking or savings account for you. Search online or call the bank ahead to find what documents you will need. Also, find out which branch has a person who speaks your language.

The trick is before you go on your bank account opening journey; locate an apartment for sale in the city. Again, do not print out a ten million dollar apartment but something in the one or two hundred thousand range that will not draw too much interest.

After you have located a branch that has a rep who can speak your language, have the real estate information printed out and available for their eyes.

Mention to the banker that you are renting an apartment locally but plan to buy an apartment. Show them the listing, photos and all. Explain the reason for visiting the bank is you need to know if they provide homeowners insurance. Do confirm there is such thing as homeowners insurance in the country.

Nine times, out of ten, the bank rep will change the direction of the conversation and ask where you will be banking. Explain you have yet to figure that out. They will suggest you use their bank and they will become extremely helpful with the account opening process. The real-estate listing motivates the banker and sometimes they will bend on the paperwork like proof of residence.

Another tactic is to find a bank that has foreclosures for sale on their website. Begin a relationship with someone in the foreclosure department. Make sure the conversation moves in the direction that you will be paying with cash. This tends to motivate people and they will suggest opening an account at their bank.

The downside to foreign banking is many banks do not mail account debit cards. They want you to pick it up at the branch. In addition, some banks use Electron Cards that have no three-digit security code on back of the card. This means you cannot use the card for online purchases because 99% of website payment systems require the three-digit code. You can only use an Electron Card in person. I have an Electron Card from one of my banks and it can be seriously inconvenient!

Also, check the fees for withdrawing at an ATM in foreign countries. I made the huge mistake of using a debit card and not reading about the fees in advance. I used the card four times in a week and it was thirty euros per withdrawal. Ouch!

When you open a bank account in a foreign land, make sure your funds are avaiable 24/7 via your ATM card. One bank account I had only allowed debits on the card up until ten pm their time.

I have also come across banks that only allow wire transfers during work hour as well as limits up to 600.00 per transfer. With such limits, you will spend a fortune transferring your funds. I speak from experience.

When you open a bank account, it is wise to have an account in your home currency and the currency of the country. Before you open your account, inquire about wiring funds out of the country. There could be currency restrictions. For example, if you have a foreign bank account in your home currency and want to wire transfer your home currency funds to your home country there could be a glitch. Some countries only allow outgoing wire transfers in their local currency. This could cost you a lot of money in currency exchange. Read the small print!


When I travel to a country that offers PayPal, I always open an account. I also try to get a local prepaid debit card to connect to the PayPal if possible. Note you do not need to be in the actual country to open a PayPal account for that country.

For the PayPal account, you will need an address. I do what I can to open a mail drop on the spot. If you are unable to open a mail drop, use a hotel address until you can secure a mail drop.

One of the reasons I have PayPal accounts in different countries is so I can use the Buy Now buttons on my website. This allows me to accept credit cards payments in various currencies parked in different countries. I look at the various PayPal accounts as a multiple currency savings accounts. Some days I accept Dollars, some days Euros, Swiss Francs, etc. One of the downsides to foreign PayPal accounts is PayPal does not offer their own debit card connected to the account. I have been able to link a prepaid debit card from country A to country B.

Frank M. Ahearn
Author of: The Little Black Book Of Skip Tracing: Creating Pretext, Mastering Social Engineering And Finding Anyone Anywhere















I find deception to be an amazing tool when utilized for the right reasons. I know it sounds odd. Most people would assume that deception is typically a negative act with dark intentions. When clients contact me they all have the same question, how can they delete the negative or untrue online information making their life miserable? They cannot!

Most people who contact me do not fully accept that the hands of others control their online information. This means deleting information can be near impossible and the only real strategy is deception.

How to Disappear – Freedom

Chapter Seventeen: How to Disappear from Big Brother

I am always asked why people want to disappear and I explain that it usually comes down to violence or money. The money people want a better life and so do the danger people. When you break that down it is all about freedom. It could be freedom from an abusive relationship, a way of life, the law, intrusive government, the daily grind or even mediocrity. Again, it is all about freedom.

Seeking freedom through disappearing can be tricky. Sometime those who want to disappear feel compelled to use methods that can compromise their freedom. Freedom is never a simple act of A to B. There are tools and rules you must follow.

While you are devising your exit plan, continuously ask yourself if the road you are creating will lead to freedom because freedom should always be in the scope.

I believe it important to itemize your disappear plan into several different list. Creating a list can be of service while searching and reviewing your exit plan.

An individual I consulted with planned on disappearing to South America where he was interested purchasing beachfront property. The property was nice and affordable. He did his homework, searched and confirmed that electricity and water was available to the property lot. He forgot to search for internet services and eventually discovered there was none.

Another client I consulted with needed to disappear because of a violent ex-spouse. As we were planning the process, the client never mentioned that she had a rare disease required rare medicine.

When I researched the medicine, I discovered that it was not a commonly prescribed drug. When I contacted several pharmacies in her soon to be new land, I learned that none of them carried the needed medicine. We had to figure out how she was going to order her medicine without leaving a trace, via the purchases. A necessity such as medicine could be a major disappearing obstacle.

What Are Your Obstacles?

I am not going to fill the pages with a long list of questions or suggestions of what you should put down on your list. Take some time and search relocation sites and you will find list after list after list of helpful ideas. 

The Big Good Bye

Last Will & Testament certainly a sad piece of business. However, one must consider what happens if they kick the bucket. If you have three hundred grand in a bank account and a beautiful house on the beach. Who gets the assets when you are ten toes up?

If your attitude is, you do not care because you hate everyone you are leaving in your wake. I say do bit of good and leave it all to me and if that does not work for you give it to a charity. You may need to draw up a new Will in your new land but be cautious and investigate if Wills are public record.

I have consulted with individuals who have come into stacks of money and these lucky souls will never have a financial woe again.

I have also spoken with others who have what they believe to be a huge amount of money and they believe they will never have a financial woe again. Truth is one of them will definitely run out of money and if they do not have a backup plan, they will end up on the streets or back where they came from just like our friend in Africa.

I am against burning bridges no one ever knows what waits around the tricky and sometime evil corner of life. It may not be that predator but a natural disaster or a sickness giving you three months to live. What happens then? Can you return home? Will your family and friends take you into their home after you burned them?

FREEDOM: The dictionary defines freedom as, a state in which somebody is able to act and live as he or she chooses, without being subject to any undue restraints or restriction. Sounds real good. Freedom is also one of those words that can hold many definitions. There is conceptual freedom, which is an ideology one believes, and then there is physical freedom where and how.

What is your freedom?

As I have explained, my objective is to keep the concept of obtaining freedom as the focus. Last year I had a conversation with Mr. Goodbye who wanted to disappear. He and his wife were in the middle of a divorce and he did not want to give her a dime. He did not hide the fact that he truly hated her. I try to avoid these types of clients since I am in need of positive karma.

I tried to persuade Mr. Goodbye not to go the route of burning his wife and take care of business properly. He soon revealed that he was closing a business deal that would put a million green ones in his pockets.  His plan was to pull a Jack Kerouac, put it all in a backpack and go on the road but in South America, somewhat crazy in my opinion.

Mr. Goodbye was cryptic in conversation and something did not sit right. He had the means to give his wife her piece of the pie and walk away clean. I decided to do some snooping and I discovered that Mr. Goodbye owned four rug rats. I have done some things in life but never burned a bunch of little kids.

There was no way I was going to do business with Mr. Goodbye, just not my flavor of tea. I tried to talk some sense into him and show him that his plan was a long term lose plan. His passport would expire in four years and by the time he needed to renew it; there would be a warrant for his arrest for nonsupport.

What is the point of seeking freedom if the road you take creates further legal problems, which can take your freedom away?

I reached my tipping point and explained to Mr. Goodbye that we were not going to do business together. A few day afterwards, I receive a consultation request from him again. He had one question, how could he could smuggle one million dollars out of his country. I hung up on him.


Sell House – Sell Car – Pay off Bills – Cancel Credit Cards – Cancel Home Services – Cable – Electric

In the past, I suggested deviating all identifiers on all accounts. For example, I suggested changing Frank M. Ahearn to Frank G. Ahearn and eventually change Frank to Hank. If your date of birth is June 14 1960, I suggested deviating it to July 16, 1961. This type of strategy makes sense when being pursued by a predator or angry ex-husband but not by BIG BROTHER.

With all the eyes in the sky and creepy hands grabbing data BIG BROTHER already has your information and can easily recognize the lies. Instead of creating disinformation on your various accounts, I suggest you pay them off and go the way of the ghost.

The Freedom List

Money – Ability to Earn – Opportunity – Mobility – Passport – Dual Citizenship – Where Will You Go –

The Block List

Lack of Money – No Earning Potential – Medical Issues – Legal Issues –Marriage

 The Needs List

Personal – Passport/up-to-date – Banking Tools – Money – Cash – Credit – Medical – Files – Medicine – Contact List – Family – Friends – Business – Electronics – Computer – Phones – Business – Website – Merchant Services – Banks – Business Contact – Assets – Communications

What If List

Imagine it is 1995 and you have disappeared to Monserrat. You purchased a home and set up a small roadside business. A month later the volcano erupts and destroys more than half of the island including your home and business. What will you do?

Be aware earthquakes, floods, tornados, wildfires, hurricanes and political overthrows all are realities and possibilities. These misfortunes happen to ordinary people who have ordinary lives. They can even happen to the disappeared.

Research and evaluate the safety and security of your new patch of land. Never shrug off the potential of catastrophic events and never assume it will not happen to you.

The Disaster List

The Disaster List should include a backup plan. What happens if the predator locates you, what happens if a natural disaster occurs, what happens if you go bankrupt, what happens if the government falls, what happens if you lose it all?

To a certain degree, disappearing to a new land is no different from relocating to a new job. However, the difference is if you relocate for a new job and all plummets, you have family and friends in the wings to assist. Being disappeared you may not have that safety net and this is why you must create your own safety net.

Outside Go Bag

Even when life is fine, it would be wise to have an outside Go Bag stashed. This Go Bag should be located outside the country where you reside. Look at this bag as a lifeline.

Financial Tools 

Access is key to being a successfully disappeared person and becoming complacent can compromise all. Never put all of your eggs into one Go Bag.  If you reside in Country A put some of your money away in Country B.

Think Rainy Day! Think What If!

Frank M. Ahearn
Author of: The Little Black Book Of Skip Tracing: Creating Pretext, Mastering Social Engineering And Finding Anyone Anywhere

How to Disappear – Go Where?

CHAPTER ELEVEN – How to Disappear From Big Brother

Now that we know BIG BROTHER is spying on the whole world, the magic question is how do we plan our disappearance without leaving a trace or not be connected to our footprints. Unfortunately, there is no magical answer. However, the tools I provide will assist you in stretching your connection and making it more difficult for your predator to find and follow you. Remember the belief in the untraceable only slips from the mouth of fools.

You wake up on Monday and it is time to begin your disappear research. Your first step is to go and pick up the disappear laptop and prepaid cell phone you previously stashed in your mail drop. You do not drive there because your car GPS tracks your movement. You leave your known cell phone at home or work, its GPS can track you. It is best to take public transportation and do not use your monthly transportation card to board the bus or train it can track you.

Convenience Captures!

When you leave your home, remember there is an unseen third party watching you. This third party is an enemy walking behind you, looking over your shoulder, tucked away in the technology you carry. This third party is the invisible enemy you cannot foresee and it has one goal, which is to know all about you.

You do not take the train or bus directly to your mail drop, mix it up a bit and shake the tail. Get off a few stops before or after the mail drop and walk.

Continuously ask yourself if you did something wrong or made a mistake and created a connection to the mail drop. If by chance, you run into someone you know do not go to the mailbox, take a few minutes and walk out of the area.

There are few surfing options available. Some buildings have public space and they offer free internet service. I have had success connecting to such services by standing near the door outside the building.

Some parks, malls and city spaces offer free service too. You can utilize these locations as long as your laptop does not have any identifiers. In Dublin and other cities, there are rows of restaurants that provide free internet. I have connected to them standing on the sidewalk and sitting parked in a taxi. Be aware of surveillance cameras, which can identify your face with the connection.

Another other option, which I like, is climbing on unsecured wireless around a cluster of residential buildings. Although, easier said than done. It can take a lot of hoofing through the streets to locate a connection.

If you are fortunate, enough not to live in the cornfields of Indiana there is another option. Prepaid internet wireless is available for purchase. This type of wireless you purchase the same way you purchased your phones. You have a THIRD PARTY enter the store and make the purchase.

Do not use all the wireless time on the prepaid internet service. When you get down to about ten minutes left leave the wireless hub with password for someone to find. Hopefully, the stranger will jump on the wireless, do some surfing, which can assist with digital dirt if your surfing is discovered.

I would suggest staying away from libraries. If I remember correctly, BIG BROTHER does not need a search warrant to obtain library records. Then again, it is not as if the government needs a warrant to do anything lately when it comes to our records.

If you plan to use an internet café, I would avoid certain ethnic locations. I do not want to be racist but I am sure BIG BROTHER monitors specific ethnicity over others.

Keep in mind that the owner keeps records of everything you do in an internet café. If you are searching for your disappear place in Latvia, do a little searching in the Ukraine and Lithuania to mix it up. 

The United States of Fearica is Watching You!

It is quite surreal sitting here writing a book about disappearing from BIG BROTHER. We truly arrived at a bizarre social place in the United States of Fearica. Who would have thought that the subpoena process has become a thing of the past?

BIG BROTHER is doing some evil deeds and it does not look as if they will be retreating anytime soon. What makes Fearica any different from East Germany in the days of the iron curtain? The Stasi spied on it citizens for the same reason the NSA spies on its citizens, to stop terrorism. Communism viewed capitalism as a form of terrorism too.

One of the problems with government is it does not always know what it is best for society or its citizens nor do they seem to listen when society shouts it had enough. McCarthyism and Prohibition were huge mistakes in Fearica history. I wonder if in fifty years if BIG BROTHER spying will be recognized as an evil act and social mistake.

When you are searching for a location to utilize the internet, ask yourself if BIG BROTHER can trace the connection. The answer is most likely yes, because the government spies on all its citizens. BIG BROTHER is probably not spying directly on Buck’s Internet Café but you should always operate with the mindset they are. However, the important question to ask is can you be identified with that particular connection. If the answer is yes, run. If the answer is no, all is good. The trick in the game is to avoid a connection to the trace.

Outsource Your Search

Another way to safely search online is to hire a friendly third party service or outsourcing service to do you internet searching and emailing. There are plenty of third party and outsourcing services online. Before you sign up for any services obtain a prepaid debit card and a disposable email account.

After you sign up for the service, you will have the opportunity to post the work or type of worker you need. In a matter of minutes, you will receive a dozen responses.

Before you hire an assistant, it is important to have a cover story to tell. You cannot tell them the truth that you are disappearing and you want them to create your digital footprints. Explain that you are relocating and you would like them to assist in searching information about the city.

The third party assistant can send the information you requested to an email you provide, or they can post the information on the outsourcing service website for you to review. I personally would go the posting route. Someone searching for you would need to know that you signed up for that third party service and then locate your third party assistant to track you down.

Do Not Be a White Guy!

If you are, a white guy like Frank M. Ahearn, do not sign up using an email address that appears to be from a white guy. Mix it up; sign up as Felix Reyes, Francois Beaumont, Gina Haynes, Edna Benitez, or Eddie Alvarez. If you are Vlad Vodka, be Peter Lima if you are Roveda Jacobs, be Colleen Brennan and have a little fun.

What I like about using third party services is the people you hire are from all different countries and speak multiple languages. If you want to disappear to Columbia, you will be able to locate a worker in Columbia. This is great since they can assist in advising you on the infrastructure. Never become too friendly or reveal your identity or motives to your third party assistant.

Frank M. Ahearn
Author of: The Little Black Book Of Skip Tracing: Creating Pretext, Mastering Social Engineering And Finding Anyone Anywhere

How to Disappear – Fear the Buttons

CHAPTER EIGHT – How to Disappear from Big Brother

The idea behind being a Virtual Entity is being able to exist “in” society not outside of society. Outside of society be it a commune or deep in a cave with the enlightened ones. However, a commune is not a bad place to disappear.

I assume most people reading this needs or at very least wants access to the digital world, perhaps business, friends, family and even some tasteful porn. The trick is to figure how you can do these things without creating connections.

Disappearing and privacy has changed since the publishing of my first disappear book. In the past, I relied mostly on disinformation, misinformation and reformation. The strategy was to try to delete, manipulate or deviate personal information.

If the client’s home services were in the name of Frank M. Ahearn, I would deviate Frank to Hank and eventually Ahearn to Hearn. In addition, I would deviate the SS#, date of birth, contact numbers and employment. By the time I finished the current information was as abstract as a Picasso painting was. This was the tactic of Misinformation.

From there I would create massive amounts of Disinformation by making it appear the client disappeared to Toronto but actually, the client disappeared to Berlin.

This I accomplished via social media, making bogus phone calls to Toronto and emailing potential employers in Toronto. I purposely leaked information for the predator to find.

The last step of disappearing was Reformation, getting the client from point A to point B in a seamless fashion.

Disappearing people in the past was much easier. I only had to deal with mostly offline information like phone, electric and other database type records. There were minimal amounts of online information and social networking. Today it is much more difficult because information is at a maximum and easily located. In addition, every street you walk down and building you pass has a camera waiting to rat you out.

Fear the Buttons

I say fear the buttons. We click sign on in the morning, we press a button to read our email, we press, reply forward, send and delete.

When a call comes to our cell phone, we press the screen to communicate and then press the screen to end the call. To a large degree, our existence depends on the ability to press buttons. However, technology is perfecting voice activation.

Each touch of the button records our action. Before your finger makes a move ask if the action can trace to you, will the connection, get you captured or killed.

People often asked if it is possible to disappear in the digital age. The answer is yes if you know what you are doing. However, from experience, I have discovered most people do not know what they are doing when it comes to disappearing.

I receive emails from people claiming they need to disappear. They usually address the issue of how to delete their online information. They tend to think that ridding the internet of their information is the end all to their disappear problem. Nothing could be further from the truth. Information assists with locating a person’s where about but it is the physical information that proves their whereabouts.

Online information is only as accurate as its source. Online information can be untrue. The snoop searching for you needs to figure out how to decipher the truth before they move forward and act with the information.

Another question often asked, is it easier to disappear or more difficult to disappear in the digital age? I believe that it comes down to who is using the technology and who is disappearing. It is a chess game, no more, no less. Although those that have the larger budget do own the better odds in the game of hide and seek.

Way back when in my days of skip tracing (finding people) and pretext (lying to obtain information) I worked many crazy cases. Some were seriously dangerous and other outright illegal. Which ultimately brought an unwanted visit to my home; I did everything possible to hide my work and home locations.

This is when the idea of becoming a Virtual Entity popped in my head. My goal was to be able to live, work and not fear a bang on the door.

At first, I thought idea of being a Virtual Entity was being on the move and working out of coffee shops and internet cafes. I would spend an hour in one place and move on to another. The funny part is I never considered the possibility that my car GPS could identify my daily track.

I would spend one hour working on a computer in Hermosa Beach and then ride up to Santa Monica, locate another internet café and set up shop. I never allowed myself more than sixty minutes in one location. I never became friendly with the staff and always parked my car off street.

Then I Realized!

One afternoon I am in an internet café and I sign on to a subjects cell phone account and I hit the print button to print out several months of their phone bill.

After I hit print, I walk over to the printer and wait for the printing to begin. The sweet sound of paper shooting out is like the sound of the morning bell at the New York Stock Exchange.

As I am standing and watching the papers flood from the printer, I see the little screen on the printer display how many pages are to be printed and the current time. Then I look up at a very large round clock and next to the clock is a surveillance camera. Smile Frank.

That is when I realized that connections go beyond the computer screen. I created a physical connection from the downloading of the cell phone bills, to the printing and with the time. All caught on camera.

If the cell company sent an investigator to find out who printed the cell phone bill on Wednesday at 2:30 pm. They would have my shocked face staring at the eye in the sky. This was unsettling and unacceptable in my business. This event made me understand that being a Virtual Entity is someone who has no connections to anything physical.

It became standard operating procedure that everything I did I asked myself if I could be connected to whatever it is, I am doing. If the answer were yes, I asked myself how I could accomplish the same task without creating a link. This is how you must think.

If you are driving from point A to point B and you encounter a toll. Driving through the toll creates a physical connection. If you drive five miles around the toll, there is no connection.

You are probably thinking what if there is no other route around the toll. My answer to that is, you should have thought about that before arriving at the toll. The objective is to be Virtual Entity with peace of mind. No one wants to hear the word gotcha!

Frank M. Ahearn
Author of: The Little Black Book of Skip Tracing

How to Disappear – Go Bags

CHAPTER SEVEN – How to Disappear from Big Brother

I travel a lot and every new city I visit I try to set up a Go Bag. In some cities I have been able to accomplish all go bag contents and in other cities bits and pieces. Better to have bits and pieces then zero! Anytime you enter a foreign city you should set up a Go Bag.

What I do not understand about criminals or those who fake their death is most of them do not have a Go Bag filled with disappear gear or a real walk away plan. It is as if they committed the crime and never anticipated BIG BROTHER knocking on the door.

This is especially true for all the Wall Street swindlers who ripped off their clients. It is as if they thought the good times would never end. At the very least, you would think they would have a million bucks stashed in some small country with no extradition. Although, keep in mind no extradition does not mean you cannot not be extradited. You could become a chess piece traded back to your country for another person of interest.

Throughout the book, I will be writing about the disappearing failures who we have come to know and love because of the massive mistakes they have committed. Learn from their mistakes.

Frank M. Ahearn
Author of: The Little Black Book of Skip Tracing

How to Disappear – The Virtual Entity

CHAPTER FOUR: How to Disappear from Big Brother

Imagine it is a Friday night, and a teenager at a school dance makes the mistake of asking the bully’s girlfriend to dance. The bully finds out and the teen is soon to be dead meat. The next few days the bully tries hunting the teen down but the teen avoids capture by not leaving any footprints to trace.

The following week the teen is delivering pizza and as he pulls up to the house that ordered the pie, he discovers it is the home of the bully. He knows that ringing the doorbell leads to the losing of his teeth and not delivering the pizza results in teenage unemployment. The question is, how can the teen go about delivering the pizza without getting beat up? Ideally, it would be best to go back to the pizza shop and have another delivery person make the delivery but the teen cannot do that.

The answer is quite simple. The teen rolls up to the schoolyard and convinces another teen to deliver the pizza for the tip money. The bully gets the pizza, the pizza shop gets the money, the schoolyard teen gets the tip and our teen keeps his teeth.

This simple analogy is exactly what people who disappear deal with each moment of their day. Think about the society we live in, the digital surveillance, the cell phone surveillance and the camera surveillance in public and private places. We typically assume only BIG BROTHER has access to these databases, however, that is untrue. A private investigator with a good source or a skip tracer (finds people) with a good pretext (lie) can access private information.

People who disappear tend to rush into or not think through the process of disappearing and such is usually their downfall. Disappearing is more than going from point A to point B. It is about evolving into a Mr. Anonymous of vanishing and embracing a mindset and philosophy of a VIRTUAL ENTITY. Virtual Entities have no connections to anything physical.

In the pizza teen example, ringing the bully’s doorbell would create a connection between the teen and bully. In the world of disappearing, the doorbell represents anything and everything digital. The minute you press a button, be it send, enter or download, you have created a connection. All connections are traceable.

We have reached an unfortunate milestone in our digital society. That milestone has introduced the obsolete of the delete button. The internet/website button may read delete but it does not actually delete your information from a company’s database. Do not believe the word delete, it is a lie!

My new disappear strategy focuses on controlling and breaking CONNECTIONS. Again, think about the buttons you press, enter, send, download, sign on, sign off, add to cart, enter name and every other button or space you type into on your computer or phone. They all connect us to something and that connection leaves a digital trail.

Virtual Entity = Not Being Connected!

The words prepay and cash somewhat conjures up the notion of anonymity. However, there is only partial truth that prepaid and cash creates anonymous use. If you place a call with a pay as you go cell phone, your identity is unknown to the phone carrier and maybe even the caller. However, if you were the one who walked into the store and purchased the cell phone with cash, you created a connection to the cell phone. The transaction at the register connects you via the surveillance camera. There is nothing anonymous about that prepaid cellphone.

How many times have you seen the news showing a murderer caught on tape walking out of a hardware store with a shovel or chainsaw? Think about the connections you create during your disappear process. Ask yourself if you are carrying a shovel or chainsaw for the world to see.

To disappear and become a virtual entity one must begin to remove one’s self from connections. You can achieve this by way of third party. The idea is to have others make the connection for you. Better, a third party being discovered then you.

Think Third Party!

The process of disappearing and becoming a Virtual Entity becomes a little more difficult with the basic needs of life. To survive in society we need to have money, food and shelter. All three require a degree of exchange. That exchange typically means providing your name, address and sometimes a social security number. Without money, there is no food unless you panhandle or eat in food kitchens. You must supply your information in most socially contracted situations.

The reality is no one wants to disappear and eat in food kitchens, dumpster dive, sleep in alleyways or homeless shelters. That would just be a drag. Do note homeless shelters are not safe places to hide and living on the streets can make you prime pickings for the words, papers, papers please.

Prior to planning your disappearance from BIG BROTHER or any other predator, you need to figure out how you can exist like a Virtual Entity and have no connections that can blow you out of the water. Such connections are an apartment lease, electric service, credit cards, mobile phone, non-offshore bank account and anything else that requires your actual name, identifiers and physical location. Virtual Entities never enter into these types of contracts that can identify where they physically exist. One can use a third party or a corporation.

Begin thinking about the needs you have in your life and how you can go about obtaining such needs without connecting directly to the service. Be like the pizza delivery teen and figure out how not to push the button yourself. Always think about how you can manipulate technology or BIG BUSINESS and control your connections in order to control your digital footprints.

I want to be clear when I use the word connection I mean online, offline, digital and non-digital connections. Taking a bus to an internet café is an offline and online connection. However, if you used your monthly bus pass to ride the bus to go to the internet café you created an offline connection. The monthly bus pass will show that you boarded a bus at Broadway and 96th Street. The bus surveillance camera will show you exiting the bus on 57th Street. Next, a street surveillance camera will spot you walking into an internet café. The internet café has a surveillance camera that records you entering and using a computer. The internet café has your surfing history. Connections and footprints go beyond the computer screen.

The bus is an offline connection you created in a physical manner. You could control the connection by walking or paying with cash. If there is a camera on the bus, it will not connect you to your bus pass and create an identification. He who controls the connection controls the footprint!

When you are conducting your disappear research think about connections in the online and offline sense. At the internet café, did you accidentally pay with a credit card? Will a predator find the internet café because it is geographically close to you? Did you take a receipt from the cashier after you used the internet café and leave that receipt for someone to discover?

Frank M. Ahearn
Author of: The Little Black Book of Skip Tracing

H2D From Big Brother – Chapter Three

Chapter: Big Brother – Big Business

When George Orwell wrote 1984 and coined the phrase BIG BROTHER I believe he specifically meant government. However, BIG BROTHER is more than government; BIG BROTHER is also BIG BUSINESS. When you look at the two entities side by side, you will see there is not much difference in their agenda. BIG BROTHER charges a fee to be a citizen. BIG BUSINESS charges a fee to utilize its services.

Perhaps you are thinking that Google, Facebook and other such entities do not charge a fee but they do. They are all digital dope fiends feeding off your personal and sometimes private information. Have you ever wondered why an app you download needs your physical location. Sure GPS app makes sense but a silly game. Apps are nothing but wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Popular graffiti on the internet are the big bold letters offering free background searches, free criminal searches and other hyperbolic information. It is all public record information used by BIG BUSINESS to turn a buck. The problem happens to be there is no responsibility in the resale of information. BIG BUSINESS does not care if Linda White is a victim of a stalker and that selling her information can place her in danger. However, that is capitalism at its corporate cold hearted finest!

Many of these types of database sites are selling bankruptcy records, liens, death records, family connections, old phone numbers and other information junk. Some of this junk can make our lives miserable. Unfortunately, with the internet today, there is no refuge from past mistakes, the internet is unkind and BIG BUSINESS does not seem concerned that all this regurgitated data only helps to propagate your mistakes. Capitalism has no heart, soul or conscience; it is business as usual on the internet.

The way I see it, there is not much difference between BIG BROTHER and BIG BUSINESS they both thrive one way or another off your information. They both collect information and utilize to their advantage. Think about the software that BIG BROTHER uses to spy on Americans and the rest of the world. BIG BUSINESS creates a good amount of the software. It is obvious that BIG BROTHER and BIG BUSINESS have no problems developing and utilizing spy software against its citizen. No one seems to be put out of business, arrested or fired for spying on American citizens, quite odd and seriously disturbing.

No matter how you slice it BIG BUSINESS is selling us out, our privacy and freedom are available for profit. The idea of citizenship is wonderful but we pay a high a price to be a citizen. Oh, wait I forgot, freedom is not free. Be it taxes paid to BIG BROTHER or cost of services to BIG BUSINESS. We are now paying a “digital tax” via our private information. The worst part of the digital tax is both entities freely stick their creepy hands in our pockets and grab at will.

Always remember the surveillance tools of BIG BROTHER are sometimes the creation of BIG BUSINESS. The free surfing and social sites offered online are the beginning of human/social profiling.

I like to believe that I am not a conspiracy theorist or overly paranoid but when companies request information from user that has nothing to with the website, software or app it is suspect. It must be treated as suspect.

We are at the doorway to losing all privacy and if we do nothing, there will come a time when every American company will supply information on their users to the government. Perhaps that is currently happening. Be aware in your daily life that you are not only disappearing from BIG BROTHER but BIG BUSINESS too.

I am tired of people saying. “If you have nothing to hide it should not matter.” Well that is not true. Privacy matters even if you have nothing to hide. I do not want BIG BROTHER or BIG BUSINESS to know who I speak with, who I email, when I travel, what type of car I rent, who and what I text. It is simply none of their business! Where is freedom and democracy in all of this madness? Is the Thought Police now real.

BIG BROTHER and BIG BUSINESS are obviously partners in crime and they wash each other’s dirty hands. Think about it, who does the government bailout in times of crisis, certainly not the citizens of the country but its collaborator BIG BUSINESS. When was the last time the government tossed a bone your way when life came crashing down? When was the last time BIG BUSINESS contacted you and said not to worry about the next two months bills they will pay them?

BIG BUSINESS gets huge tax breaks, average income citizens do not! From the way I see it, it appears that BIG BROTHER caters to the way of BIG BUSINESS and little citizen simply foots the bill and puts up with the inequity. Oh, I forgot you could write your congressional representative. BIG BROTHER is BIG BUSINESS and BIG BUSINESS is BIG BROTHER!

When you think about who you are, disappearing from part of it is information controlled by BIG BUSINESS. Think phone records, bank records, airline records, Facebook, Blogs, news websites, Google, email hosts and every other record or posting you have no control over. We have all walked and left a footprint with these companies. Some services free and some we paid for. We may stop using their services but they will never stop using our information.

To a degree, BIG BROTHER is a conceptual idea that represents any entity that uses information for control. BIG BROTHER and BIG BUSINESS are the EVIL TWINS and one in the same. The services that are free and the ones you pay for are offered by BIG BUSINESS will ultimately end up in the sticky fingers of BIG BROTHER. It will happen either through spying or BIG BUSINESS selling or freely handing over your information to BIG BROTHER.

The lesson here is to think of everything in your world as an extension of BIG BROTHER. To spell it out, if you press enter, send or download most likely some sticky finger analyst in a suit will be analyzing the footprint you left behind.

This vulture like way of investigating only brings us to a place where BIG BROTHER will anticipate crime, the Thought Police in action. I know it sounds crazy but so was the idea of a Dick Tracy cell phone watch. Anticipation of… is only a step below conspiracy.

I talk a lot about reinventing ones privacy. I believe we need to exist with the mindset that there is always a third party taking part in our life. If you talk on a cell phone, text, email or sit on a bus chatting with a friend always keep in mind that there is a third party shadowing you. This can assist with the idea of thinking responsibly before you speak text or email.

To disappear and go dark from BIG BROTHER you would actually need to put down all of your electronics and not participate in any digital exchange. You would need to exist in a place that has no street surveillance. You could not have any credit cards, utilities or earnings in your name. However to be fully off the gird one would need to live on Gilligan’s Island or Walden’s Pond at the very least.

The Gilligan’s Island life does not sound so bad but I will pass on the Thoreau woodsy living. In all truth, what type of life is that? For me that is not freedom and nowhere near the idea of freedom. Disappearing in general and disappearing from BIG BROTHER should be about freedom. It should not be necessary to live like Jeremiah Johnson when wanting to disappear.

Disappearing is Freedom from Oppression!
Author of: The Little Black Book Of Skip Tracing: Creating Pretext, Mastering Social Engineering And Finding Anyone Anywhere