Privacy, The Gates of Hell

Some believe the right to privacy is an inalienable right but unfortunately that is a preconceived notion. Privacy begins with your definition of privacy, the walls you create and the boundaries you design. If you do not take control of your privacy, it will simply become broken.

Before you begin working on the privacy you believe you possess, think about the privacy you want and what it means to you as an individual. Since privacy is a construct created by man, one should embrace the idea of privacy as a philosophy. I think of privacy as a rock and think of myself as the sculptor Rodin and I keep chipping away at the Gates of Hell.

For me, privacy is assuring myself that no one knows my home address, only those I choose have my mobile number and that my travel plans are always discreet. These three actions give me peace of mind. These three actions are my philosophy of privacy. I exist in my home knowing that no unwanted person, will ring the bell. I know that when my mobile phone rings, the caller is friendly. I know that when I travel, no unwanted entity or face will be waiting at the airport or in the hotel lobby. Obtaining these goals are not always easy and take much thought and action. However, yet again, well worth it for my peace of mind.

So, where is the big How To part of this article, disappear tools and the trade-craft of creating such privacy. There is none, there is only you rethinking and recreating your ideas of privacy. When that is accomplished think of yourself as a strategist and not a follower of How To books. Be independent, be Winston Smith, be Guy Montag, be proactive in this new age of Big Brother!

Frank M. Ahearn – http://www.Disappear.Info


Disappearing is Not About Disappearing

Disappearing is not about disappearing. Anyone can jump on a bus and end up in an unknown place. That just means you are disappeared. Finding disappeared people is an easy feat, be it them five miles or five thousand miles away. Technology, information and humans have no boundaries. The danger is when the technology connects the information to your identity and the human connects the information to your physical space. This is when you are in the hunt. However, of the three, the human is your biggest threat. Think about it, it will be the human chasing you down the street not a laptop. Although, who knows what the future brings.

If disappearing is not about disappearing, what is it about. Partially, it comes down to connections and seeing your life in a three-dimensional form. The past, the present and the future. They all connect and it is your job to avoid connections and to search for potential connections. Then combat those connections. Disappearing is knowing how to bank and not be connected to your money. Disappearing is knowing how to connect with people in your present and keeping them out of your past. Disappearing is knowing how to get out of town and set up shop somewhere new if all goes bad. Disappearing is not about reading books on how to, disappearing is making yourself a disappear strategist.

Frank M. Ahearn
New Book: The Art of Disappearing, According to Sun Tzu’s The Art of War